Monthly Archives: October 2019

Tips – TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics Roadmap August 2019

Cubewise’s Jason Tranfield had the opportunity of catching up with Mark Kiel, Senior Product Manager at IBM, and hear first hand the TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics roadmap for the future as well as the latest developments at IBM that contribute to a more coherent and structured product. Key takeaways: IBM teams working on Cognos […]

Tips – Making TM1 more accessible with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

Peter Brady from Allianz, an insurance company, implemented IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) to over a hundred of their top executives. One year on, Peter shared the progress made using PAW for their planning model at the Cubewise EDU TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference in Sydney 2019. Here, Peter recaps the experience by sharing […]

The Quick Fix – What is a DBRW formula

DBRW is one of the key TM1 and Planning Analytics formulas that provides read and write back capability to Excel for the functional database. We can thank the inventor of TM1, Manny Perez for this clever idea. It’s inescapable on how important these four characters mean to the product’s integration with Excel. Syntax DBRW(TM1ServerName:CubeName, Element1, […]

Tips – Creating and deploying web applications on TM1Web [FRENCH]

Céline Le Maitre shares her insight on creating and deploying web applications on TM1Web. Presented at the Cubewise EDU TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference in Paris 2019. Céline Le Maitre partage ses connaissances par rapport à la création et au déploiement d’applications sur TM1WEB. Cette presentation fut donnée lors de la conférence TM1 Planning […]

Tips – Insight into Data Science with TM1 and Planning Analytics

Hicham El Arfoui from Agnicio, discusses his experience using data science with TM1 and Planning Analytics. More insight, less planning. Key Takeaways: There’s a lot of data collected by companies these days and using machine learning to  identify trends based on data points can help clear the noise Improve consumer insight in your marketplace Utilise […]