Parallel Processing in IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1

Improve TurboIntegrator (TI) data load time on TM1 by implementing parallel processing using RushTI and HustleTI in replacement of ExecuteProcess

Parallel processing is a feature in TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics that allows TurboIntegrator (TI) processes to run at the same time. Improve data loading time and utilise resources on the TM1 Server better by implementing parallel processing.

Simon Aylett discusses the subject of parallel processing, which he presented Cubewise EDU conference.

Key takeaways:

  • Utilise the TM1 Server better by running multiple TI processes in parallel
  • RushTI is a free utility that can used to manage multiple TIs. Here’s a step by step on how to set up RushTI (link)
  • Set up Hustle to manage threads on the TM1 Server. Download Hustle (link)
  • Cut down TI processing time by 80%
  • Parallel processing can be set up within an hour!
  • The TI function, ExecuteProcess, run processes in sequence. This can be improved by using RushTI and HustleTI 

Interviewed by Chris Yate.

Recorded at the Cubewise EDU TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference in Paris 2019.