Monthly Archives: October 2019

Tips – Bridging TM1 and Python. A walkthrough in TM1py.

TM1py utilises the strength of Python’s library for TM1 and Planning Analytics. Use TM1py to extract data, run machine learning code or write complex financial algorithms. Here’s an interview with Marius, a walkthrough in TM1py. Key takeaways: TM1py is a bridge between the TM1 Server and Python utilising REST API Use TM1py for automation of […]

Tips – Parallel Processing

Parallel processing is a feature in TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics that allows TurboIntegrator (TI) processes to run at the same time. Improve data loading time and utilise resources on the TM1 Server better by implementing parallel processing. Simon Aylett discusses the subject of parallel processing, which he presented Cubewise EDU conference. Key takeaways: Utilise […]