Cubewise Breakfast Series : Isolation-Edition

There is always something exciting about learning new ideas on how to get more out of a TM1 model.

What about finding new ways to translate your business problems into a tangible model with TM1?

In the spirit of keeping up with the breakfast seminars during COVID-19 we are pleased to announced our new web series…

Cubewise Breakfast Series : Isolation Edition

We invite you to join us with our weekly Friday sessions to discuss various TM1 topics with your morning coffee. Jump start your Friday every week with one good idea to level up your TM1, continuously expand on your TM1 knowledgeable and stay informed.

Some upcoming topics includes:

  • From Zero to Cashflow
  • Reveal the deepest secret of your TM1
  • High value TM1 todos for small to medium businesses
  • TM1Py Special – Help my learn TM1Py please

… and more to come.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up below to join our up coming sessions.

Session 1 – May 1st 2020

Certent Disclosure Management and What It Can Do For You

With Jon Lee and Rodrigo Mazziero

Session 2 – May 8th 2020

Where to Find Valuable TM1 Training and Resources Online

With Jon Lee and Bryan Wan

Session 3 – May 15th 2020

Speed and Power with Parallel Processing

With Jon Lee and Kemp Zhong

Session 4 – May 22nd 2020

The Future of Time Dimensions in the World of Hierarchies

With Jon Lee and Vincent Viau

Session 5 – May 29th 2020

From Zero to Cash Flow

With Jon Lee and Andreas Alex

Session 6 – Jun 12th 2020

Getting Started with TM1py

With Jon Lee and Marius Wirtz

Session 7 – Jun 19th 2020

Top 5 Use Cases of TM1py

With Jon Lee and Marius Wirtz

Session 8 – Jun 26th 2020

Month End Made Easy with TM1

With Jon Lee and Floyd Garnett

Session 9 – Juy 3rd 2020

CA Features Update for PA Users

With Jon Lee and Nimeesh Kaushal

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