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Cubewise EDU’s May Newsletter
Cubewise EDU, the place to upskill your know-how on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1! Next session will be conducted in July 2022 in the Australian and European time zone. Spots are limited, so get in quick! 🌏 Australian Time Zone: 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST🌏 European Time Zone: 8:00am to 4:00pm BST July 12 – End User (PAW)July 13 – […]
Merged cells, repeat labels and label top cell… what are these Grouping Options?
Grouping Option – Control how repeated elements on the row set appear in an Exploration or List. Because an element appears in each row for ‘Repeated labels’, this options works best if you want to do a lookup like an xlookup. Default Setting = merged cells
AI Forecasting in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace
Key Takeaways: A demo on how to set up predictive forecasting PAW 2.0.58 or greater is needed for this feature
Interview with Sheba Prakash
How Sheba Prakash Uses Cubewise EDU to Look For Untapped Potential The world of IBM Planning Analytics feels infinite for most of us.  The sheer scale and scope of the technology and what you can achieve with it is difficult to explain to people who haven’t worked intricately with it before.  And so often, we rely on […]
10 Tips for More Efficient Development using Arc
Key Takeaways: Arc can be used in Excel Create a new object using a template Set up a snippet to reuse code Insert variable placeholders in a snippet Shortcut keys like ALT+[Arrow Key] to flick between tab, CTRL+/ to toggle comments, CTRL+ALT+k to select all occurances for a string Replicate the security from an existing […]
Cubewise EDU’s April Newsletter
Our expert training can give you the know-how to push your organisation further. 📅 Online classroom commences next week. Get in quick, limited space available!🌏 European Time Zone: 8:00am to 4:00pm BST April 12 – End User (PAW)April 13 – Apliqo UX FundamentalsApril 14 – End User (PA for Excel)April 19 – Developer FundamentalsApril 20 […]
Learn how to set the starting cell when using an Exploration or List
💡 Use this feature to integrate an Exploration into an Excel report, giving users the flexibility to examine the data themselves.
How to add and preserve your own Excel formula in an Exploration, List or Quick Report
Advanced UX Techniques
Presented by Wei Wang at Horizon, global user conference on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 in 2020.