What is TM1py

A presentation from Marius Wirtz.

Marius Wirtz, the inventor of TM1py, presents a high-level introduction on how TM1py fits into the “TM1 picture”, which includes a demo of inspiring use cases.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about TM1py
✔ What is TM1py?
✔ What problem does it solve?
✔ What is the relation between TM1py and the TM1 REST API?
✔ TI, Rules or TM1py?
✔ Why Python?

If you are looking to kickstart your knowledge on TM1py, the official training course on TM1py is now available.

🎯 Classes will be held online
🎯 Class commences on the first week of the month with four 1-hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks

Head here for more information (link).

Space is strictly limited so get in quick!

Presented at Horizon 2021.