Cubewise EDU's April Newsletter

Check out what's happening in the world of IBM Planning Analytics, and harness our focus and enthusiasm to your benefit in one or more ways!

Cubewise EDU recently updated the End User (PA for Excel) guide using version which includes how to use the new cube viewer and subset editor.

The Advanced Reporting (PA for Excel) training resource has also been refreshed to version

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Upskill your know-how on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1, through our consultant-led training.
Classes commence on April 5, in the Australian and European time zone.
Duration: Course covered over one full day.

– Australian Time Zone: 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST
– European Time Zone: 8:00am to 4:00pm BST

Advanced MDX – April 5
Learn how to write advanced MDX within TM1 and client applications such as PAW and Planning Analytics for Excel to control the data received.

– How to use MDX in the Subset Editor
– How to use MDX in TurboIntegrator
– How to use MDX in Excel
– How to use MDX in Exploration View
– How to use MDX in Arc
– How to use MDX logging
– Key supported expressions
– How to use MDX to filter Cube data
– How to use the ‘generate’ function
– Do’s and don’ts in MDX
Pulse Fundamentals – April 12
Learn the functionalities that come with Pulse such as live monitoring, user analytics, Excel analysis, documentation, migration, and proactive alerts.

– How to use Pulse’s interface
– Business cases that you should know
– How to audit applications
– How to manage the development process
– How to report the server’s status
– How to document the TM1 Server
– How to administer the TM1 Server
Apliqo UX Fundamentals – April 19
Learn how to create a modern, curated web experience for your IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 users.

– How to understand the architecture
– How to create a dashboard
– How to utilise widgets
– How to set up the display settings
– How to implement a chart
– How to use interactivity between widgets
– How to use pop-ups
– How to change dashboard settings
– How to implement views
– How to utilise advanced table options
– How to apply formatting to the application
– How to utilise advanced chart options
– How to add a wizard
– How to add a process to the application

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EDU Induction sessions, enable members to make the best use of the educational content we have to offer.

We will go through:
– Benefits included in your membership
– Walkthrough of the Community Hub
– Walkthrough of the Video Hub
– Steps to follow when you are ready to commence training
– Upcoming events
– Q&A

Sessions are conducted fortnightly.

We recommend all students attend an induction. Please RSVP to a session that fits your schedule.

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We are excited to release the Advanced TurboIntegrator Post Training Insight, SwapAliasWithPrincipalName, undocumented function

The IBM server team continues to improve IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 to meet various customer requirements, and sometimes features are developed that aren’t documented. This is one of them!

Reach out to if you have any questions.
Learn basic and intermediate concepts of how to apply filters on dimensions using MDX.

In this presentation, Martin De Giovanni will:
– Cover the power of filters when creating subsets of data from several different dimensions.
– Demonstrate how to combine sets with AND and OR operators
– Discuss the use of user preference cubes for dynamic MDX

Presented by Martin De Giovanni at Horizon 2022. 

The Cubewise Planning Analytics European Conference is back in 2 cities: London and Paris! 

It has been long since we have all had the opportunity to get together, so we have decided to make this conference that is usually paid, free for the first year back! 🎉

If your company uses or plans to use IBM Planning Analytics/TM1, this event is for you! 
Register today to secure your spot and take advantage of this incredible learning and networking opportunity.

Discussion topics to look forward to: 
– Learn about the latest developments in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, IBM Planning Analytics for Excel, and the TM1 Server.
– Discuss how IBM Planning Analytics has helped like-minded users solve their business problems.
– Gain insight into how Apliqo can unify all financial plans in your FP&A process with integrated applications.
– Hear from the Cubewise Code team about the latest releases of Arc, Pulse, Slice and TM1Py.
– See how Supply Focus and IBM Planning Analytics can provide and end to end Supply chain management solution.

Like that’s not enough … don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills at the TM1 World Championship London! The venue we have is limited in size, so make sure you secure your ticket now!
Cubewise Planning Analytics Get-Together – a three hour tour of the latest news in the world of IBM Planning Analytics / TM1, and Cubewise’s candid take on it all. Followed by networking over drinks and canapes.

1:30 pm – Registration 
2:00 pm – Presentations commence  (more information to come!)
5:00 pm – Networking over drinks and canapes 

If your company has purchased or is thinking about purchasing IBM Planning Analytics/TM1, this event is for you!
Free to attend. Get your complimentary ticket today!
In an attempt to illustrate our deep passion for IBM Planning Analytics / TM1, our Control CC team asked Cubewisers what was their lightbulb moment.

In this episode of the Lightbulb files, we talk to Marius Wirtz: the father of TM1Py.
He discusses his passion for building models with TM1, Python, and life.

Why do a TM1 World Championship?

Jon Lee had a chat with Ben Heinl, one of the creators of the TM1 World Championship. Join us to learn the “why” and the “how” of this new and exciting TM1 event – The TM1 World Championship

If you haven’t already – sign up today for the European Planning Analytics Conference to be eligible to compete or watch it live!

In the world of financial planning and analysis, we’ve long been hamstrung by financial products and tools that, while powerful, can be somewhat clunky to use. Traditionally they’ve taken lots of time and training to move through the learning curve and the sheer complexity has meant that the user experience has been deprioritized and the functionality has been front and center.

The Apliqo team has set out to change this with their Apliqo UX solution which takes the very best in user experience design and brings it to your TM1 applications to transform how the product feels and to bring greater efficiency and usability to your workflows.  

In this article, the Apliqo FP&A Team looks at 5 reasons why this matters and how a great user interface can improve the overall results delivered by your planning and analysis tools.

– Strong data visualization makes for better decisions
– Customizable reports empower users to dig deeper
– Better transparency improves overall accountability
– A good interface frees up developer time to focus on higher-value tasks
– You can systematize best practices and achieve better consistency
Arc continues to establish itself as a well known state of the art development interface for IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) developers. Arc offers a centralized platform to develop, manage and/or analyze your TM1 data on-premise or cloud, all from one single location.

The key features to analyze your data set for all TM1 developers are the cube viewer and the subset editor. These two components which are shared between Arc and Slice have been significantly improved in version 4.

In this blog, the Code Team will show you simple actions and shortcuts that will save you a lot of time in your TM1-related day-to-day activities.
Pulse v6.2 comes with many optimizations in the logic to determine the status of the TM1 instances. The main new feature is the connection with Arc. 

Starting with Arc v4.0, One Arc server can be connected to one Pulse server making Pulse features (such as the search model and change tracking) available inside Arc.

More information regarding the Arc and Pulse integration was released with Arc v4.0
If you were to chart the changes in accounting and financial reporting regulation over the past 20 years, you would see a staggering increase in complexity.  In what was already a highly-regulated industry, we’ve seen further administrative and structural obstacles placed in front of large corporations that are supposedly there to protect the integrity and accuracy of financial information – for the good of the stakeholders.

Now, whether you agree with new regulations or not, we can’t escape the fact that this places additional burdens on our businesses.  When you consider that a large group might have hundreds of different subsidiaries and each needs to be carefully consolidated into the group reporting – it’s clear that we can’t rely on the tools of the past.  Modern reporting demands efficiency, speed, and precision that can only really be accomplished through automation and the leveraging of technology.
Features that are new in IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson™.
Planning Analytics Workspace

Find out what’s new or changed in the most recent release of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace. The new features described here always reflect the full capabilities of Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud.
What’s new in books and reporting – 2.0.85

Set editor usability improvements
Usability improvements in the set editor make it easier to work with sets.

What’s new in plans and applications – 2.0.85

Improved approval process for plan submissions
Plan owners and approvers can now approve or reject a submission from multiple contributors in one go.

Save task flows in plans as PDF files
You can now save your plan’s task flow as a PDF file.

What’s new in modeling – 2.0.85

Reopen recently opened objects from any database
You can now reopen recently opened objects from any database.

Workbench preferences
Enhancements to user Preferences are available across multiple components.

Process editor preferences
A new user preference is available to lock or unlock generated statements in the process editor.

Lock dimensions in Planning Analytics Workspace
You can now lock dimensions in Planning Analytics Workspace.

Use formulas to manipulate a data source during a .csv import
When you use the Import data or Import members options to import from a .csv file into a workbench, you can define formulas to manipulate the source data.

New ‘Location’ data source option for processes
You can now specify a local or network location for a TurboIntegrator process data source.

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.
IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel was refreshed on March 3, 2023 to include fixes only.

Updates to each version of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel are cumulative. To see what was new in previous releases, see What’s new in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.
What’s new in TM1 Web

There are new features in IBM® TM1® Web. For more information, see the TM1 Web documentation in IBM Knowledge Center
IBM® Planning Analytics TM1 Web was refreshed on 23 March 2023 to include the following changes. 

Aligning releases for IBM Planning Analytics components
To simplify and align IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Web (Spreadsheet Services) releases with those across IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, IBM is labeling its next TM1 Web release as IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Web 2.0.85.

Member set menu available for TM1SET cells in websheets
 A new member set menu is now available in Planning Analytics Workspace websheets that lets you quickly search and select members from the current set in TM1SET cells. You can even open the set editor from this menu.