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Check out what's happening in the world of IBM Planning Analytics, and harness our focus and enthusiasm to your benefit in one or more ways!

Upskill your know-how on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1, through our consultant-led training.
Classes commence on June 7, in the Australian and European time zone.
Duration: Course covered over one full day.

Australian Time Zone: 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST
European Time Zone: 8:00am to 4:00pm BST

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EDU Induction sessions, enable members to make the best use of the educational content we have to offer.

We will go through:
– Benefits included in your membership
– Walkthrough of the Community Hub
– Walkthrough of the Video Hub
– Steps to follow when you are ready to commence training
– Upcoming events
– Q&A

Sessions are conducted fortnightly.

We recommend all students attend an induction. Please RSVP to a session that fits your schedule.

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We are excited to release the TM1Py Post Training InsightMaking TM1 applications faster and lighter

Check out the insight to learn more on: 
– The three key principles that an IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 (TM1) developer needs to keep in mind when building TM1 applications. 
– Tuning your TM1 application
– Understanding cube optimization
– Optimizing cubes for performance and memory
– Getting started with OptimusPy

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We are excited to bring back Horizon, the biggest knowledge-sharing event dedicated to IBM Planning Analytics/TM1!🎉

Save the date!  Tuesday 17th October, beginning at 9 am, Sydney Time, and following the sun across the globe over 24 hours! 

More on the agenda will be revealed in the coming months, however, we guarantee that you will learn:
– insights from IBM
– new models companies have implemented from across different industries
– interesting discoveries that experts have come across

Don’t miss your opportunity to influence the agenda! Submit your topic suggestions today.
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Have you ever wondered what happened in your applications in the last few minutes? Or even over the last few days?

Perhaps you want to know who was logged in this morning or how much memory was used last night.

All of these questions can help you better understand how your IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) system is being utilized. The good news … all of the answers can be found with Pulse.

Rewind the state of your application with Pulse, presented by Vincent Viau at Horizon 2022.

Meet Andrew, Cubewise North America’s Regional Director. He went from working with the biggest light source in the solar system to having his lightbulb moment with TM1. Originally hailing from the Office of Finance in a big solar panel manufacturer, to becoming a TM1 adept and advocate. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the FP&A industry is that it’s constantly evolving. As we wander through this jungle of data, trying to find our way home, there are a million paths that we can take – each of which delivers different aspects of what can make our businesses tick. There is a wealth of information, resources, events, and thought leadership out there that aims to help you make the most of these developments along your planning and analytics journey. 

However, none of this can come to bear unless it trickles down throughout the organisation to help the people who are actually doing the work. 
The Process Editor in Arc is full of features to boost your productivity. This article focuses on the most popular shortcuts used by Arc developers.

Despite the most obvious one: CTRL+SPACE (to access your variables, snippets, and functions) you’ll find that your development can get a lot faster if you utilize some of the keyboard shortcuts that Arc offers. 
At Apliqo, the team is always pushing themselves to stay on the cutting edge of planning and analytics so that they can help clients optimise their processes and ultimately arrive at better decisions. As a result, when they saw that BARC had released their ‘Data, BI, and Analytics Trend Monitor’ report for 2023, they thought that they would highlight some of the key trends identified there and delve into what it means for companies who are striving to make the most of their company data. 

Here are five of the trends that stood out for the Apilqo team: 
– Data quality management
– Data-driven culture
– Self-service analytics
– Cloud for data and analytics
– Decision automation
Exciting developments from the Apliqo team. Learn everything about what they brought to the Big Data & AI World Frankfurt with BARC in their latest article.

Find out more about how the Apliqo team built efficient data flows with IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 and Apliqo UX:
Step 1: Pull the data from Gran Turismo 7
Step 2: Push the data into IBM Planning Analytics / TM1
Step 3: Create user profiles
Step 4: Race!
Step 5: Analyse the data
Step 6: Visualise the data 
Version 4.1 introduces several new features to improve the quality and accuracy of your code.

With Arc connected to Pulse, you now have the ability to compare dimensions and validate your code against your best practice rules on an individual rule or process. For more information on connecting Arc to Pulse, please see the article: Connecting Arc to Pulse.

In addition, the new Arc Assistant brings the power of AI to help you understand and improve your code.

Version 4.1.0 also includes a large number of interface improvements, enhancements, and fixes.

Check this article from the Code team to learn more on:
– What’s new in Arc+
– What’s new in Arc and Slice
– A complete list of all enhancements and fixes 
Features that are new in IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson™.
Planning Analytics

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® Planning Analytics and components that are installed with Planning Analytics, such as TM1® Server, TM1 Web, TM1 Performance Modeler, and TM1 Architect. Some updates affect only IBM Planning Analytics Local.
IBM® Planning Analytics Local version and the cloud release of IBM Planning Analytics version include updates for IBM TM1® Server version 11.8.20.

IBM Planning Analytics version includes numerous improvements and defect fixes, but does not include new features.
Planning Analytics Workspace

Find out what’s new or changed in the most recent release of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace. The new features described here always reflect the full capabilities of Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud.
What’s new in books and reporting – 2.0.87

Search and filter capability available for current set in the set editor
The Current set pane in the new experience set editor now has search and filter capabilities. Previously, these features applied only to the Available members pane in the set editor.

Target selection design and usability improvements
The target selection option is now available on the toolbar. Previously, the Target selecting toggle was available on the view grid. You can now also enable target selection mode with the keyboard shortcut F7.

Expand and collapse rows and columns asymmetrically or symmetrically
You can now expand and collapse rows and columns in a view either asymmetrically or symmetrically. Click the new Expand/Collapse icon in the toolbar and select how you want to expand and collapse rows and columns.

Zoom bar available in additional visualizations
The zoom bar is now available in the following visualizations. The zoom bar allows you to scroll and focus on a smaller area of a visualization.

New properties in the Map visualization
Several new visualization properties were added to the Map visualization in this release.

New properties and other changes for the Bullet visualization
The Bullet visualization was updated in this release to include the following new properties and changes:

Legend alignment in visualizations
A new Legend alignment property in visualizations allows you to position a legend in the desired area of your visualization.

Configuration modification for Learn Pane in Planning Analytics Workspace Local and Cloud Pak for Data
The cognitive Learn Pane in Planning Analytics Workspace Local is now hosted on a new domain. This change requires the following configuration modifications to Planning Analytics Workspace Local and Planning Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data to ensure continued access to documentation and other information through the Learn Pane.

What’s new in plans and applications – 2.0.87

New tabs on the contribution panel show submission and approval tasks
New tabs on the Plans contribution panel display open tasks that are assigned to you for contribution and approval. These new tabs let you quickly submit tasks and approve or reject submissions from one place in the Plan.

What’s new in modeling – 2.0.87

Use the new ‘View related cubes’ option to identify which cubes include a specific dimension
You can now quickly identify which cubes on a Planning Analyticsdatabase include a specific dimension. This is helpful when you are thinking about deleting a dimension, but want to see the impact of the deletion on the cubes on your database.

Import a data source with multiple data value columns to an existing cube
If a data source includes multiple data value columns, you can now create mappings to import all data columns simultaneously into an existing cube. This is useful when importing data that has multiple value columns for days, weeks, or months.

Use the new editors to manage attributes and security for database objects
New settings editors are available from the Databases tree on a modeling workbench, which simplify the task of managing attributes or security for your database objects.

Manage cell security with a more flexible control cube structure
Previously, a cell security control cube contained all dimension from the data cube, plus the }Groups dimension. In Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.87, you can select which dimensions to include in a cell security control cube, which can make it easier to manage security.

What’s new in administration – 2.0.87

View the last login date for Planning Analytics Workspace users
Administrators can now view the last login date for users on their Planning Analytics Workspace environment.

Include modeling workbenches in Lifecycle Management snapshots
You can now include modeling workbenches when you use Lifecycle Management to copy and deploy Planning Analytics assets.
Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.
IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel was refreshed on May 5, 2023 to include fixes and the following notices.

Updates to each version of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel are cumulative. To see what was new in previous releases, see What’s new in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

Aligning releases for IBM Planning Analytics components
To simplify and align IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel releases with those across IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, IBM is labeling its next Planning Analytics for Excel release as IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel 2.0.87.

Upcoming change notification – Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel to default to WebView2
IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel will default to using Microsoft Edge WebView2 in an upcoming release. WebView2 allows Planning Analytics for Excel to be compatible with newer web standards and technologies.
What’s new in TM1 Web

There are new features in IBM® TM1® Web. For more information, see the TM1 Web documentation in IBM Knowledge Center
IBM® Planning Analytics TM1 Web was refreshed on 12 May 2023 to include to include fixes only.
Updates to each version of TM1® Web are cumulative. To see what was new in the previous release, see What’s new in TM1 Web.