Things to know to migrate successfully from Perspectives to PA for Excel

Learn how to successfully migrate to Planning Analytics, maximising its benefits while minimising disruptions

Migrating to Planning Analytics offers numerous benefits, including enhanced network performance, advanced reporting capabilities, and the ability to create sophisticated hierarchies. To ensure a successful transition, it’s crucial to approach the migration with care. In this presentation, Jean-Noel Grandry will walk you through key steps to successfully migrate to Planning Analytics, maximising its benefits while minimising disruptions:

Engaging Internal Power Users: Involving internally-appointed power users is essential for a smooth migration. These individuals can provide valuable insights and assistance throughout the process.

Training and Change Management: Implementing comprehensive training and change management strategies is crucial. This ensures that your team is well-prepared to adapt to the new system and its features effectively.

Testing Existing Reports: Existing reports should be rigorously tested and examined to identify any potential issues or discrepancies that may arise during the migration process.

VBA Transition: As VBA is no longer supported, it’s important to migrate action buttons and functions to Planning Analytics. This may require reprogramming and testing to ensure they function as intended.

Reporting Tools: Utilise Slice and Perspectives for print reports. PowerPivot allows for calculations such as addition, subtraction, averaging, and percentage changes.

Snapshot Functionality: Implement Snapshot Functionality to remove TM1 formulas while retaining Excel formulas, ensuring a seamless transition without data loss.

MDX Filtering: When working with TM1, you can employ MDX for filtering results, enhancing data analysis capabilities.

TI Processes: Execute processes through TI processes within perspectives, ensuring that your existing workflows remain intact.

Testing and Optimisation: Be prepared for potential delays during the migration, especially if you have a large number of reports or complex VBA. Rigorously test the system after setup to resolve any issues and optimise performance.