Why now?

The modern business landscape is dynamic, easily disrupted and unpredictable. As things change, our technology must adapt at a pace we’ve never seen before. With it comes enormous modelling complexity.

There’s a tendency to try and simplify this complexity in an effort to navigate its challenges. But doing so means sacrificing the tremendous competitive advantage that comes with complexity. Only when you understand the intricacy of your supply chains manufacturing processes and customer behaviours, liberate the power of your data and unleash the power inherent in an enterprise database can you begin to navigate the modern era.

Don’t fall into the trap of dumbing down your processes. Instead, mine your data for undiscovered insights so you can unlock its true value. You can turn those insights into the fuel you need to be agile and resilient to the challenges that come with running an organisation in the 21st Century.

That’s what Cubewise is all about. We help you harness your complexity to enable the adaptability, resilience and opportunity that abounds when you have robust workflows and technology for handling all the data your company creates, ingests and processes.

Why us?

Cubewise has been on this mission since 2004. We’re a technology partner that you can count on for custom implementations and support to help you get the most out of IBM Planning Analytics / TM1.

Our core values are:

  • true partnerships with our customers
  • knowledge sharing
  • craftsmanship
  • pioneering innovation
  • pragmatic know-how.

Knowledge sharing

We’re not just here to build solutions in IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) for partners. We believe that only if you understand it can you truly own it. And so, we believe in sharing our knowledge and transferring our skills so our partners and the wider community can independently thrive.


Our clients aren’t just our customers, they’re our partners. We take pride in working side-by-side with them, earning their trust, sharing their goals, and working smart to deliver solutions to achieve them. We never stop learning from them, enriching our experience, honing our skills.


Deep satisfaction lies in mastering tools to create something beautiful; something with the quality to improve people’s lives. Our people aren’t ‘resources’, they’re seasoned practitioners of IBM PA / TM1. They delight in using it to create quality solutions that stand the test of time.

Pioneering innovation

Our passion for IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) is founded on its capacity to enable the seemingly impossible. With it we can use our creativity to reimagine pioneering solutions. The innovations that result enable clients to navigate the complexity of their business and harness it to their competitive advantage.


Successful partnerships are founded on mutual trust and respect. Our clients trust that we bring deep knowledge and expertise, both of IBM PA / TM1 and of real-world business leadership.

Why should you trust us?

Cubewise is an IBM Platinum Partner

IBM’s top credential for its business partners. This means we can sell you all IBM Business Analytics products, but we focus on IBM Planning Analytics / TM1.

Talk to us today and let’s overcome the challenge together.

When a system is unable to adapt and adjust to changing business circumstances, it can become a tremendous source of pain and frustration for all those who work with it. Things must go on, of course, and so users will resort to building tedious workarounds, simplifications, and shortcuts that only serve to kick the can down the road. Instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem, it creates a more complicated mess for the people who eventually take over those processes and workflows.


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