Two styles of training to suit everyone

We offer the flexibility for you to master TM1 and Planning Analytics with two training styles. If you learn best with a tutor mentoring the course, surrounded by peers, classroom style training would be your perfect option.

Self-paced is another style of training we offer for those who want to learn online in your own environment. Self-paced also includes one hour of 1-on-1 mentoring.

Key features in Pulse for TM1

Improve performance and up-time

24/7 monitoring tool
Analyse server and TM1 performance
Pro-active alerts
Analyse server up-time
Keep a full history of what has happened
Cancel threads or disconnect users

Make your community more productive

TM1 and Planning Analytics user analysis
Provide transparency to users
Dynamic documentation
Identify users who require training
Excel and TM1Web tracking
Improve user testing practices

Speed-up Development

Keep track of all object modifications
Full history of all migrations
Migrate objects with no downtime
Validate rules to guarantee best practices

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