May 11 2022

Cubewise EDU’s May Newsletter

Check out what’s happening in the world of IBM Planning Analytics, and harness our focus and enthusiasm to your benefit in one or more ways!

Cubewise EDU, the place to upskill your know-how on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1!

Next session will be conducted in July 2022 in the Australian and European time zone. Spots are limited, so get in quick!

🌏 Australian Time Zone: 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST
🌏 European Time Zone: 8:00am to 4:00pm BST

July 12 – End User (PAW)
July 13 – Apliqo UX Fundamentals
July 14 – End User (Perspectives)
July 14 – End User (PA for Excel)
July 15 – Developer Fundamentals
July 19 – Pulse Fundamentals
July 20 – Advanced Rules
July 21 – Advanced TurboIntegrator
July 22 – Advanced Reporting (Perspectives)
July 22 – Advanced Reporting (PA for Excel)
July 26 – Advanced MDX

Email for more information.

The TM1py Fundamentals online classroom is scheduled to commence on August 4.

May sessions in Australia and Europe sold out fast.
If you want to kickstart your knowledge using TM1py, enrol for the August session today!

📢 Classes will be held online.
📢 Class will run every quarter and commences on the first week of the month. Attend four 2-hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks.
📢 Achieve a personalised digital badge that you can proudly share on LinkedIn by getting your knowledge endorsed.
📢 Monthly open forum scheduled after the course, for course members to engage with an expert on TM1py and go through any questions.

Reach out to for more information.

Join our monthly open forum, exclusive to Power User members!

Your up-skilling does not have to end once you have completed a course.
Do you have any questions or need clarification on a course you have completed? 

Join our monthly forum, hosted by Bryan Wan, Head of Cubewise EDU, to go through any questions you may have.

Tuesday, May 17 8:30am – 8:45am AEST (3:30pm PDT, 5:30pm CDT, 6:30pm EDT) and 8:00am – 8:15am BST (9:00am CEST, 10:00am MSK, 5:00pm AEST )

Not yet a Power User member? The Power User Plan has many benefits for end-users and developers, which includes access to ALL training courses and much more!

Insights on IBM Planning Analytics for Excel

Grouping Option – Control how repeated elements on the row set appear in an Exploration or List. Because an element appears in each row for ‘Repeated labels’, this options works best if you want to do a lookup like an xlookup.

Default Setting = merged cells

The Horizon presentation of the month is 🥁🥁🥁 … 10 Tips for More Efficient Development using Arc, presented by Tim Ryan 🎉🎉🎉

Arc is the ultimate tool to make TM1 easier and quicker to master.

Key Takeways:

  • Arc can be used in Excel
  • Create a new object using a template
  • Set up a snippet to reuse code
  • Insert variable placeholders in a snippet
  • Shortcut keys like ALT+[Arrow Key] to flick between tab, CTRL+/ to toggle comments, CTRL+ALT+k to select all the strings
  • Replicate the security from an existing user for a new user
  • Impersonate a user to troubleshoot
  • Create a text output with parameters and/or variables included
  • Upload a file to the TM1 Server that can be used as the data source
  • Pin tabs to keep them available all the time


The sheer scope of IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

But in all that complexity lies the untapped potential that you don’t even know you’re missing out on.
Read about Sheba Prakash’s experience with Cubewise EDU and how it opened doors that she never even thought to knock on.

Email for more information.

2021 has been a hard year for business. But the plethora of financial and operational challenges companies faced this year also provided plenty of opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow.

In the 2022 instalment of Jack’s masterclass series, we’ll take a bird’s eye view at some of the key learnings from our previous masterclasses, as well as the lessons we learned as we navigate the murky waters of FP&A post-COVID-19.

Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 2: Asset Management, scheduled for June 9.
Register today!

📅 2022 FP&A Masterclass content calendar:

  • March 17: The Ultimate Value Drivers: Growth and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  • April 28: Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 1: Growth and Profitability
  • June 9: Planning and Analysis for Critical Value Drivers, Part 2: Asset Management
  • July 21: Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • September 1: The External View: Benchmarking Performance and Competitive analysis
  • October 13: Developing Predictive and Analytical Models

Join the 6 module Masterclass presented by Jack Alexander

A new version of TM1py is now available to download from the TM1py project on GitHub.

Iterative JSON parsing:
The way TM1py retrieves values has been optimized using iterative JSON parsing. By using this technique, TM1py requires a significantly smaller memory footprint at an almost negligible cost of performance.

Skip non updateable cells:
This optional argument to the write/write_dataframe functions asks TM1py to filter out cells that can not be updated before attempting to write. If not used, TM1py will fail with an error when attempting to write to rule-derived or consolidated cells. This is very helpful, as it saves the TM1py user from verifying the validity of the cell updates when not working with flawless data sources.

New search functions have been added to each object.

A new version of Arc and Slice is now available to download. v3.2 includes a new Administration module to view all IBM Planning Analytics releases.

Release History
A new Administration module was added, it is called Release History. This new module will help TM1 developers to track new releases of TM1Web, IBM Planning Analytics Server (PA Server), PAfE & PAW:

  • View the full history of releases.
  • Filter the list by products and export it into Excel.
  • Quickly find the release notes.

A new release of Pulse v6 is now available.

In addition to being able to monitor IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) SaaS instances, Pulse can now be installed on Linux and monitor TM1 instances running on a Linux server.

Planning Analytics

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® Planning Analytics and components that are installed with Planning Analytics, such as TM1® Server, TM1 Web, TM1 Performance Modeler, and TM1 Architect. Some updates affect only IBM Planning Analytics Local.

IBM® Planning Analytics Local version and the cloud release of IBM Planning Analytics with Watson™ version includes updates for IBM TM1® Server version 11.8.12.
IBM Planning Analytics with Watson version includes numerous improvements and defect fixes, but does not include new features.

Planning Analytics Workspace

Find out what’s new or changed in the most recent release of IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace. The new features described here always reflect the full capabilities of Planning Analytics Workspace on cloud.

Displaying parents, children, or leaves for selected members
The new experience set editor now has three new options in the Show menu that allow you to further refine the number of members that you see in a view.

Update to predictive forecasting service
Predictive forecast capabilities in Planning Analytics Workspace use a common library of capabilities based on IBM Watson. In this Planning Analytics Workspace release, this library has been updated to support additional capabilities such as outlier detection and correction.

Adjust for outliers in your forecast
If outliers are detected in your forecast, you can now use an option to adjust a forecast preview to compensate for the outliers and improve the accuracy of your forecast.

Changes to cube creation
As of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.75, you can no longer create a cube from the Data tree in a book.

Add variables in the Process editor
Up until now, the number of variables in a Planning Analytics Workspace TurboIntegrator process was limited to the number of columns in the data source. The variable for the process were created automatically, one for each column in the source.

Search and filter on hierarchies
The Data tree for books and the Databases tree for workbenches now displays a search box under a dimension when the dimension contains 11 or more hierarchies.

Deprecation notice – process editor to be removed from books, available only on workbenches as of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.78
Starting with Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.78, processes must be created and edited on a modeling workbench.

Deprecation notice for IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Classic experience
The IBM Planning Analytics team intends to remove the capability to remain on Planning Analytics Workspace Classic and preview the Planning Analytics Workspace new experience as part of the Planning Analytics Workspace update in July 2022.

Known issues
The following are known issues in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.75. These issues will be resolved in a future release.

Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.

Create reports from the viewer without opening a workbook
You can now create reports from the viewer in Planning Analytics for Excel without opening a workbook. Previously, if you didn’t have a workbook open and tried to create a report from the viewer, an error displayed.

What’s new in TM1 Web

Read about what’s new or updated in IBM® TM1® Web
There are new features in IBM® TM1® Web. For more information, see the TM1 Web documentation in IBM Knowledge Center.

IBM® Planning Analytics TM1 Web was refreshed on March 4, 2022 to include fixes only.
Updates to each version of TM1® Web are cumulative. To see what was new in the previous release, see What’s new in TM1 Web.

Custom fonts supported in websheets
Websheets can display custom fonts that have been uploaded in Planning Analytics Workspace.

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