Sep 11 2023

    Marketing Planning, how to manage and aggregate dıfferent plans using PAW

    Utilising the Right Tools to Effectively Manage Your Marketing Budget

    In this presentation, we explore how businesses can efficiently plan their marketing budgets to enhance their strategies and boost overall success. Ali Candan introduces a range of powerful tools for managing assets and expenses, including asset-based planning and health service dashboards. Additionally, he will delve into the advantages of using a finance planner to maintain a balanced yearly budget.

    Watch Ali’s presentation to gain insights into the following topics:
    Introduction to Marketing Planning and Planning Analytics Workspace: Explore the fundamentals of marketing planning and its integration with the Planning Analytics Workspace.
    Planning, Reports & Admin Console Overview: Get an in-depth look at the planning process, report generation, and the administrative console’s functionality.
    Using Business Admins to Manage Assets in Planning Clinics Workspace: Discover effective strategies for leveraging business administrators to efficiently manage assets within the Planning Clinics Workspace.

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