Jan 24 2023

    Personalised Portfolio Management for High Net Worth Clients

    This session will focus on scalable portfolio rebalancing advice for non-discretionary individually managed accounts (IMA).

    Mercury Private is a leading provider of portfolio management solutions for high net worth individuals and family offices.

    The company has developed a suite of tools to provide insights, portfolio rebalancing and resource adjustment to optimize profits. Using TM1, an automated portfolio rebalancing tool, Mercury Private can maximize after-tax outcomes for clients. TM1 requires clients to authorize transactions, and provides summary tables and the ability to customize parameters. Through utilizing the system for the past 18-20 months, Mercury Private has seen an increase in their confidence for the future. Currently, Mercury Private has over 1 billion in assets under management split over 190 client groups and 650 portfolios.

    Alan Chen, Project and Business Analyst at Mercury Private, discusses how TM1 has been successful for Mercury Private, allowing them to work with their client’s data more effectively.

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