Oct 21 2019

The Quick Fix – What is a DBRW formula

DBRW is one of the key TM1 and Planning Analytics formulas that provides read and write back capability to Excel for the functional database. We can thank the inventor of TM1, Manny Perez for this clever idea.

It’s inescapable on how important these four characters mean to the product’s integration with Excel.


I want to get data from the ‘Currency Exchange Rates’ Cube.

This is how each parameter for the DBRW will be defined.

TM1ServerName = AdventureWorks

CubeName = Currency Exchange Rates

Element1 = Actual (Version)
Element2 = 2012 (Year)
Element3 = USD (Currency From)
Element4 = AUD (Currency To)
Element5 = Spot Rate (Currency Measure)


DBRW('AdventureWorks':'Currency Exchange Rates', 'Actual', '2012', 'Jan', 'USD', 'AUD', 'Spot Rate');

In Excel.

The same value is also shown in IBM Planning Analytics via the Viewer.

Watch this tutorial on what is a DBRW and how the example above is put together.

If you would like to contact someone to find out more about TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics, email edu@cubewise.com. Head to our End User Training course (link) to learn more great TM1-Excel worksheet functions like the DBRW formula.

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