Mar 21 2022

    What is TM1py

    A presentation from Marius Wirtz.

    Marius Wirtz, the inventor of TM1py, presents a high-level introduction on how TM1py fits into the “TM1 picture”, which includes a demo of inspiring use cases.

    Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about TM1py
    ✔ What is TM1py?
    ✔ What problem does it solve?
    ✔ What is the relation between TM1py and the TM1 REST API?
    ✔ TI, Rules or TM1py?
    ✔ Why Python?

    If you are looking to kickstart your knowledge on TM1py, the official training course on TM1py is now available.

    Classes will be held online
    Class commences on the first week of the month with four 1-hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks

    Head here for more information (link).

    Space is strictly limited so get in quick!

    Presented at Horizon 2021.

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