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What is the point of demand planning through uncertain times?

When an uncertain reality seems to make planning pointless, what is the role of demand sensing and how can you keep up meaningful planning exercises? In our upcoming webinar, we’ll interview our guest speaker on how a large retailer had to quickly adapt their plans. How to deal with a sudden shock and  re-shift resources, […]

Tips – A better Data Warehouse with TM1

Optus Business embarked on a project to gain better insight on customer profitability. The technology needed to handle millions of transactions from Data Warehouse, run allocations and reconcile to the financial system. Ji-Hyun Kim was tasked to find the right technology for the right problem. She presented her insight at the Cubewise EDU User Conference […]

Tips – Alan Kirk discusses artificial intelligence

TM1 legend Alan Kirk from the TM1 Forum exchanges thoughts with Cubewise CODE’s Vincent Viau in a lively conversation about all things TM1, Artificial Intelligence and racing! Key takeaways: Those working in the Business Intelligence field needs to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) TM1’s REST API interface is a great method to connect TM1 data to […]

Tips – Bedrock 4 for TM1, an interview with Adam Davis

Bedrock is library of modular TurboIntegrator (TI) processes built from many years of TM1 Developer expertise to assist developers to build best-practice TM1 and Planning Analytics models. The foundation of Bedrock is and has always been an open source project which means not only is it free for anyone to use, but anyone can contribute […]