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Tips – A discussion on innovation with Manny Perez in Sydney 2019
Innovation is about making complex things simple for end-users, making sure the product performs well, is scalable and also reliable. Manny Perez, the inventor of TM1, talks about why TM1 resonated with so many people and key ideas that innovators should keep in mind. These key principles are: Look for problems Incrementally improve the problem […]
Tips – TM1Web, Planning Analytics upgrades and other developments at Austrade
For over a decade that Austrade has had TM1, more than 200 TM1Web templates were made public for users. A maintenance nightmare for any TM1 support team. When it was time to upgrade TM1 to Planning Analytics, this gave the TM1 support team an excellent opportunity to review all TM1Web templates, streamline what was required […]
Tips – Enhance your report using emoticons in IBM Planning Analytics
Here, I’m going to show how to do this in IBM Planning Analytics, by updating this report to include business logic to display emoticons. Steps: How to set up the Cube How to access emoticons How to apply the logic Result Screenshots are based on these resources: Excel 2016 IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.6 / TM1 […]
Tips – An uneventful upgrade from TM1 9.x to Planning Analytics 2.x
Bank of Queensland (BOQ) had been using TM1 version 9.1.3 for a decade and a business case was drawn up for an upgrade, which got executives to buy in. Shan Attygale presented BOQ’s journey with the TM1 and Planning Analytics community at the Cubewise EDU User Conference on why an upgrade is possible even if […]
Tips – Gaining a competitive advantage with customer reporting, courtesy of TM1
Veolia replaced a sustainability cloud solution that provided reports to their customers with TM1 as the database, while using Canvas as the web interface. Maurice Cohen, from Veolia, played a big part on the successful TM1/Canvas implementation, which he presented at our conference. Maurice shares his insight on the project with Jason Tranfield in this […]
Tips – How to email a report using TM1
Take the first step to automate Excel report distribution to your users. 9 clear steps on how to email a report using TM1.  Steps Download TurboIntegrator (TI) process with all the email logic Copy file across to the TM1 data directory Restart TM1 Server Find path for the file you want to attached to the […]
Tips – Are you spending more time supporting fixes than future developments?
Are you spending more time supporting fixes than future developments? Maybe it’s time for an overhaul to ensure the system is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to enhance. This may seem daunting at first, but the rewards are far greater in the end. At GHD, Anne-Marie Rodd reviewed the TM1 environment and […]
Tips – Improving TM1 with Apliqo UX at Perfection Fresh
At Perfection Fresh, TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics has been integrated into the company to cover sales, budgeting and forecasting, general ledger and supply chain. An eco-system between these models have been intricately designed with Apliqo UX as the web interface to distribute the model to the wider community. Leslie Bogdan and Jennifer Yang from […]
The Quick Fix – What is TM1 and Planning Analytics
TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics is a functional database that works with seamlessly with Excel that takes reporting and modelling to the next level. Are you a heavy Excel user and have come across these headaches? Slowness or crashes due the amount of data stored in your report Unable to have multiple staff collaborate on […]