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Tips – Gaining a competitive advantage with customer reporting, courtesy of TM1
Veolia replaced a sustainability cloud solution that provided reports to their customers with TM1 as the database, while using Canvas as the web interface. Maurice Cohen, from Veolia, played a big part on the successful TM1/Canvas implementation, which he presented at our conference. Maurice shares his insight on the project with Jason Tranfield in this […]
Tips – How to email a report using TM1
Take the first step to automate Excel report distribution to your users. 9 clear steps on how to email a report using TM1.  Steps Download TurboIntegrator (TI) process with all the email logic Copy file across to the TM1 data directory Restart TM1 Server Find path for the file you want to attached to the […]
Tips – Are you spending more time supporting fixes than future developments?
Are you spending more time supporting fixes than future developments? Maybe it’s time for an overhaul to ensure the system is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to enhance. This may seem daunting at first, but the rewards are far greater in the end. At GHD, Anne-Marie Rodd reviewed the TM1 environment and […]
Tips – Improving TM1 with Apliqo UX at Perfection Fresh
At Perfection Fresh, TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics has been integrated into the company to cover sales, budgeting and forecasting, general ledger and supply chain. An eco-system between these models have been intricately designed with Apliqo UX as the web interface to distribute the model to the wider community. Leslie Bogdan and Jennifer Yang from […]
The Quick Fix – What is TM1 and Planning Analytics
TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics is a functional database that works with seamlessly with Excel that takes reporting and modelling to the next level. Are you a heavy Excel user and have come across these headaches? Slowness or crashes due the amount of data stored in your report Unable to have multiple staff collaborate on […]
5 tips for users transitioning from Perspectives to IBM Planning Analytics for Excel
Tips: What are the interfaces in PAx and how does it relate to Perspectives How to log onto the TM1 Server via PAx How to analyse Cubes How to find reports created in the Application folder How to use the set (subset) editor To get your knowledge endorsed on PAx by Cubewise EDU, enrol in […]
Tips – TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics Roadmap August 2019
Jason Tranfield had the opportunity of catching up with Mark Kiel, Senior Product Manager at IBM, and hear first hand the TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics roadmap for the future as well as the latest developments at IBM that contribute to a more coherent and structured product. Key takeaways: IBM teams working on Cognos Analytics […]
Tips – Making TM1 more accessible with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)
Peter Brady from Allianz, an insurance company, implemented IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) to over a hundred of their top executives. One year on, Peter shared the progress made using PAW for their planning model at the Cubewise EDU TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference in Sydney 2019. Here, Peter recaps the experience by sharing […]
The Quick Fix – What is a DBRW formula
It’s inescapable on how important these four characters mean to the product’s integration with Excel. Example I want to get data from the ‘Currency Exchange Rates’ Cube. This is how each parameter for the DBRW will be defined. TM1ServerName = AdventureWorks CubeName = Currency Exchange Rates Element1 = Actual (Version)Element2 = 2012 (Year)Element3 = USD […]