Melbourne 2019

Tue 20th August

Pullman Melbourne On The Park, 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne

One day with presentations from
IBM on the roadmap and
lots of customer case studies

All attendees will obtain a free pass to Day 2 and 3 in Sydney (link)

Tue 20th August

*Agenda is subject to change
Technical Rating 1 = low, 5 = high



Network with your peers with coffee/tea


Ben Heinl, Cubewise
[Room Stradbroke/Huntingfield]


Opening Keynote
James O’Loghlin, broadcaster, author, innovation expert 


TM1 and Planning Analytics Roadmap
Mark Kiel, Senior Product Manager, IBM


Morning Break
Take a break and network. Fully catered.

We break into two streams

[Room Stradbroke/Huntingfield]

[Room Delacombe]


Apliqode Framework, how to use this free tool in any model
Save time on development and maintenance using the pre-built modules from the Framework!
Metadata Management, Views and Subsets maintenance, Process executions, and more!
Winson Lee, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 4/5)

From evaluation to production on Apliqo UX
In this session, gain an insight into the evaluation process from DB Netz and learn about the key criteria to implement a Dashboard solution based on Apliqo UX.
Dirk Reitinger, DB Netz AG
(Technical Rating 1/5)


How does TM1 Server really work, part 1
How does read and write capability work?
Where are my zero values for numeric attributes?
Hubert Heijkers, IBM

(Technical Rating 3/5)

Uploading with Canvas
How the University of Adelaide ended up with Canvas as the preferred tool for uploading spreadsheet data into TM1.
Durand De Zylva, University of Adelaide

(Technical Rating 1/5)


How does TM1 Server really work, part 2
What happens to memory that is no longer used?
How do hierarchies work and how does it affect memory?
Hubert Heijkers, IBM

(Technical Rating 3/5)

Exporting TM1 to a reporting tool like Power BI
The challenging journey to make Power BI reporting working out of TM1 Data.
Jimit Thaker, Jetstar
(Technical Rating 1/5)


How does TM1 Server really work, part 3
Why does locking occur?
How come Excel integrates with TM1 so well?
Hubert Heijkers, IBM

(Technical Rating 3/5)

Using Hierarchies in Merchandise Reporting
Daniel Nagy, Metcash
(Technical Rating 3/5)


Grab a hearty meal and network with your peers.
Fireside Chat @ 13:00: listen to the inventor of TM1, Manny Perez, in the Stradbroke/Huntingfield room.

[Room Stradbroke/Huntingfield]

[Room Delacombe]


How to Amplify Your Sales and Merch Planning Using Deep Learning and Optimisation
 In this technical session you’ll learn how to apply the latest in machine learning to practical applications in PA. You’ll learn how to use deep learning to optimise sales forecasts and decision optimisation to get your marketing and ordering just right.
Nicholas Renotte, IBM

(Technical Rating 5/5)

How PAW and PAx can make your cube life easier
Discover practical tips and tricks of the new interfaces which enable working with your model in ways not available before.
Piotr Rajtar, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 2/5)


Building a Transparent Planning Analytics Model
Learn different techniques adding transparency to your planning model and see how you can leverage Planning Analytics Workspace to deliver it in a more user friendly way.
Liesl Berry, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 3/5)

Business best-practices around Unified Performance Management.
Learn about modern FP&A requirements and how companies can fulfill them by using best practices embedded into a Unified Performance Management application.
Martin Winkler, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 2/5)

Rejoin into the main room
[Room Stradbroke/Huntingfield]


Keynote Speaker
James O’Loghlin, broadcaster, author, innovation expert


Afternoon Break
Take a break and network. Fully catered.
Fireside Chat @ 15:15: Changes to TM1 licensing you should know including when and how to run the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) by Miriam Redding, Navigate Clear, in the Stradbroke/Huntingfield room.

We break into two hands-on streams

END USER hands-on
[Room Delacombe]

DEVELOPER hands-on
[Room Latrobe]


Planning Analytics Workspace
Exploratory session covering the creation of a dashboard in Planning Analytics Workspace. The guide gives all the steps to easily create noteworthy visualisations and assist in the setup of a professional looking report or planning dashboard.
Piotr Rajtar, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 3/5)

Bedrock 4
In this hands-on session we will demonstrate how to use the bedrock 4 library to accelerate application development cycles. You will learn how to create views & subsets, load and move data and perform server maintenance tasks. All while reducing the amount of code and the amount of time you need to get the job done.
Nathan Swan, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 3/5)


Planning Analytics for Excel
In this hands-on session we will demonstrate how to use IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX). Discover how to access your data from the TM1 Server in the latest Excel interface and learn how to build advanced reports and ad-hoc multidimensional analysis within the familiar Excel environment.
Kemp Zhong, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 2/5)

A Step-By-Step Guide To Data Science with IBM Planning Analytics
Are you interested in Data Science? In this session you will go through an end-to-end data science application, from getting data out of TM1 to Timeseries forecasting.
Marius Wirtz, Cubewise
(Technical Rating 5/5)


That wraps up our conference in Melbourne!
Time to reflect on the day, before heading back to work, super-charged to do even more amazing things in 2019.
Stay to network with drinks and canapes downstairs in the Cliveden Bar.