Global Conference 2020 TM1 Horizon

2020’s biggest conference dedicated to TM1!
A 24-hour knowledge sharing event with content in 12 languages.
This is a once in a lifetime experience to join the global TM1 community.

Tue 25th August at 8:00am Sydney Time

Wed 26th August  at 8:00am Sydney Time


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Access Pass Options

We are offering two access passes for TM1 HORIZON

Free Access Pass
✔ Live access to Interview sessions
✔ Live access to Product Insight sessions
✔ Live access to all non-English sessions
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All Access Pass Benefits

Experience TM1 HORIZON without any limitations!



No limitations!

You’ll have access to everything. No limitations for you!


Rewatch sessions

Missed a live broadcast? Catch up on valuable content.


Access to experts

Speak directly to experts and get them to guide you forwards


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Make new connections with like-minded peers to broaden your professional network


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Get your questions answered first by our experts


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the All Access Pass?
When you purchase the All Access Pass, you’ll gain access to the event platform without any restrictions.

Do I lose the All Access Pass after the conference is over?
Nope! You’ll continue to have access to the assets after the conference. All content will be migrated over to the Cubewise EDU Community Hub where you’ll be able to re-watch sessions, download presentations and continue your connection with peers.

If I registered for the Free Access Pass, can I upgrade to gain access to the conference assets?
Yes you can 🙂 Anytime during or after the conference, you can purchase the All Access Pass to re-watch sessions, download assets and connect with peers through the Cubewise EDU Community Hub.

Types of Sessions


Main stage

A stage for our special keynote speaker and IBM. Learn the product road map, new features, how to use data science with TM1 and more from IBM!

Presented in English


We have lots of customers who are excited to share what they have built in IBM Planning Analytics. Gain insight on how you can push your TM1 model into new directions.

Presented in English


Lecture / Tutorial / Ask me Anything

Want to learn how to extend your knowledge as an end-user or developer? Attend these sessions to dive deeper into a specific topic.

Presented in English



Gain backstage insights from presenters about their presentation in this 1-on-1 intimate interview.

Presented in English


Product Insight

See how specific products are used with up-close deep dives covering PA for Excel, Planning Analytics Workspace, Arc, Apliqo UX, Bedrock and more.

Presented in English


TM1 Hackathon

The TM1 Hackathon: a test for the TM1 Ages! Watch a model being built from scratch over 24-hours.

Presented in English


One stream in the following languages











The agenda will evolve rapidly leading up to the event and is subject to change.
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What is TM1 Horizon?

For over 10 years now, we have been holding conferences for users of TM1 and Planning Analytics around the world and sharing knowledge of all kinds; nerdy and technical developer stuff, end user tips and tricks, case studies, strategic views of TM1 across the enterprise, product roadmaps, etc.

Due to the current worldwide situation, the conferences we would have run in Sydney and London has been moved online. This special one-off online conference is called TM1 Horizon. A conference that follows the sun for 24 hours.

TM1 Horizon is a user conference that will be accessible to everyone, all around the world.

When will it be?

The conference will be held on Tuesday 25th August 2020, starting at 8:00am Sydney, Australia time and ending on Wednesday 26th August 2020 at 8:00am Sydney, Australia time.

Why are we doing this?

Why not? We are not strangers to holding webinars, but this is on another scale. This will be an ambitious feat for sure! But in this unique time we wanted to try something unique ourselves. We have a hard time turning off our interest in constantly innovating in the TM1 world. We wanted to continue with the annual conference tradition because so many great things have happened in the TM1 world in the past year and that needs to be shared! It would be a shame to wait until we can all meet in person again.

Like any new endeavours, not everything with this conference might go to plan – but that won’t stop us from giving it a go. Our goal is to provide a great TM1 knowledge sharing platform and to ensure a place for you to network with your peers who are like-minded.

Who will be presenting?

We will have presentations and interactive sessions from TM1 end users, Cubewisers, IBMers (including Hubert Heijkers back by popular demand) and special guests.

Who can attend?

Anyone for whom IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is an important part of their job as an end user customer.

How much does it cost to attend?

The All Access Pass can be purchased for $200 USD.

Why are we asking you to pay?

Cubewise EDU TM1 User Conferences are a service to the TM1 Community to create a space for high quality TM1 and Planning Analytics knowledge sharing and in order to be able to pull them off, we need contributions to make it happen. This is the first online Conference we have run and the cost per attendee is much lower this way, so the price for a ticket has also gone way down from what it normally is to cover the costs. We are only trying to cover costs, not make a profit.

Also, by paying for a Conference, your expectation should be that it is full of quality knowledge sharing and NOT focused on selling to you to make it worth the cost of the conference host to put it on. The Conference is NOT run to fill anyone’s sales pipeline, it is there to share knowledge and allow the TM1 Community to meet and interact.

We think this is a fair exchange of value and we’ve been doing it for 10 years and people keep coming back – so we are confident that we have been getting this right.

What kind of access do I get?

All Access Pass will give you:

  • Access to watch all presentations
  • Access to live Q&A
  • Networking sessions and meet other attendees
  • Access to organise a meeting with an expert
  • Access to re-watch presentations
  • Free stuff (discounts, downloads, giveaways and more)

In which language(s) will the presentations be?

The main stage spanning 24 hours will be in English. There will also be shorter streams in 12 other languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, German, French and maybe more.

Each individual language stream will run in time zones suitable for that language.

Will I have to stay online for 24 hours to watch all of the content?

No, but you may want to! Some of the content will be “live only”, but most of the content will be recorded and available afterwards.

However, being there live to experience this maybe once-only event will be well worth it! We want to make this Conference as interactive as any of our in-person conferences if not more so! You will be able to meet and interact with people from the TM1 community from all over the world in many different ways and formats – maybe even meet and talk to people you have only heard about or seen in forums. Plus you can ask a global contingent of Cubewisers any question you want in more than 20 languages.

Why should I be a part of the live conference?

This will be THE biggest TM1 event of the year! Nothing like this has ever been done before. Be a part of this special event to join other people for whom TM1 is a significant part of their job as well. The conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity to meet, talk and share knowledge with other TM1 people from anywhere in the world.

Will there be a walk-through on how to use the conference platform?

A webinar to walk-through the platform will be held on Monday 17th August.

When will I gain access to the conference platform?

Tuesday 18th August, the week before the conference.

How do I pay for the event?

We accept credit / debit card or bank transfer on this ticketing platform.

If you wish to be invoiced from your local Cubewise office, please let us know at

I really want to attend, but I am not in a position to pay due to the pandemic, any chance you can make an exception for me this year : )?

If you really can’t pay and want to attend, then please reach out to us at We’ll try to work something out as we want every person who works at an end user TM1 and Planning Analytics customer (or is looking for a job with one) who wants to participate in this to get in.

Who should I contact for enquiries?

Email us at