Global Conference 2020 TM1 Horizon

TM1 Horizon has ended, but over 200 recorded presentations are still available for purchase!

The All Access Pass is for anyone for whom IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is an important part of their job as an end user customer.

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All Access Pass

200+ Presentations

Planning Analytics
  1. A Brief History of TM1 at Uber
  2. A Solution for Consolidated Forward Weeks of Cover
  3. Advanced Rules Calculations
  4. An interview with Anne-Marie Rodd and James Gallagher on Big Top Budgeting at GHD
  5. An interview with Chris Yate (Call Centre Resource Planning) & Simon Aylett
  6. An interview with Errol Grey from Cotton On to discuss ‘A Solution for Consolidated Forward Weeks of Cover’
  7. An interview with Gururaj Madhavan on Recruitment Operation Business Intelligence at Allegis Group
  8. An interview with Hicham El Arfoui on Data Science
  9. An interview with Hubert Heijkers
  10. An interview with Manny Perez, the Inventor of TM1
  11. An interview with Luke Brown on Everlight’s TM1 Journey New Presentation
  12. An interview with Maurycy Miuduski on how to manage CAM users easier
  13. An interview with Nicholas Renotte on Data Science with Planning Analytics
  14. An interview with Prasanna Ramswamy on AI and ML implications in Finance and Accounting space
  15. Ask me anything – Christian Wagner
  16. Ask me anything – Hubert Heijkers
  17. Ask me anything Manny Perez the inventor of TM1 (AU)
  18. Ask me anything Manny Perez the inventor of TM1 (EU)
  19. Ask me anything – Rules
  20. Ask me anything about TM1 Architecture
  21. Automated Testing in TM1
  22. Big Top Budgeting
  23. Building a transparent Planning Analytics model
  24. Call Centre Resource Planning with Planning Analytics
  25. CPLEX Decision Optimization on top of Planning Analytics – Doing more with less made easy
  26. Data Science 101 for Finance Teams
  27. Data Science with Agnicio
  28. Deep dive into TM1 memory optimisation
  29. Everlight’s TM1 Journey
  30. Extending TM1 security into a multi dimensional setup
  31. Free Developer Tools
  32. How to Manage CAM users easier
  33. How to make month end easier with TM1
  34. How to Use Data Science with Planning Analytics to Forecast Faster at Month End
  35. Implementing an integrated planning model
  36. Integrated Planning, Budgeting, Consolidation & Reporting for Oil & Gas Industry
  37. Latest in the world of CA and PA together
  38. Querying Data using Virtual Dimensions
  39. Recruitment Operational Business Intelligence (ROBI)
  40. Rules Bootstrap
  41. Running TM1 as a managed Service
  42. Speed up your processing time with Parallel Processing
  43. The future of time dimensions in the world of hierarchies
  44. The Future State of the TM1 Server
  45. The Planning Analytics powered by TM1 Roadmap
  46. The State of the TM1 Server Right Now
  47. The TM1 Server – Why does it remain uniquely the most powerful business modelling engine ever?
  48. TM1 Excel Functions You May Not Know
  49. TM1 Web Tips & Tricks
  50. Update on TM1 in the Cloud and SaaS
  51. Undocumented Mysteries of TM1
  52. Using Hierarchies in PAW and PA for Excel
  53. Watson-PA – Stress Testing for Banking Sector
Planning Analytics for Excel
  1. Converting TM1 Perspectives reports to PAX reports
  2. Introduction to CDM for TM1
  3. Excel beautification
  4. Introduction to Planning Analytics for Excel
Planning Analytics Workspace
  1. An interview with Peter Brady, PAW/PAL at Allianz Australia- three years of improvements
  2. Introduction to Planning Analytics Workspace (AU)
  3. Introduction to Planning Analytics Workspace (US)
  4. PAW at Allianz Australia- Building on Our Success
  5. Planning Analytics Workspace Tips & Tricks
  6. State of the Art with Planning Analytics Workspace
  1. A new way to manage your TM1 model
  2. Advanced Front End applications with Apliqo UX and Rest API
  3. Advanced UX Techniques
  4. An interview with Andreas Alex on Scenario planning in uncertain times using Apliqo
  5. An interview with Francisco Santos on User Design Theory and Practice
  6. An interview with Marius Aulich on the from frustration with countless Excel files to a successful budget process with Apliqo FPM at ARDEX
  7. An interview with Radu Cantor on advanced front end applications with Apliqo UX and Rest API
  8. An interview with Scott Wiltshire on a new way to manage your TM1 model
  9. Apliqo UX – latest features
  10. Apliqo UX – Modern User Interface for TM1 (Including Latest Features)
  11. Apliqode Framework, what are you missing
  12. Elkjop’s Apliqo UX Migration Story
  13. From frustration with countless Excel files to a successful budget process with Apliqo FPM at ARDEX
  14. In Search of FP&A Excellence- People, Process and Technology
  15. Introduction to Apliqo FPM
  16. Lease Accounting
  17. Scenario Planning in uncertain environments
  18. User Design Theory & Practice
  19. Workforce planning – How to overcome common business challenges
  1. 5 ways to improve your life as TM1 developer
  2. How to code faster and smarter with Arc
  3. How to get the most out of the TM1 REST API
  1. An interview with Eric Steingrabe on Benchmarking your TM1 model
  2. Benchmarking your TM1 Model
  3. Reveal the deepest secrets of your TM1 server with Pulse 6 
  1. An interview with Dmitry Fomichev on State of the Art with MDX
  2. An interview with Ian Boltz on an introduction to MDX
  3. Introduction to MDX
  4. State of the Art with MDX and TM1
  1. An interview with Christoph Hein on how to automate boring stuff with TM1py
  2. An interview with Marius Wirtz on the Introduction to TM1py
  3. Ask me anything about TM1py
  4. Automate the boring stuff with TM1py
  5. Enabling Robust Master Data Management
  6. CPLEX/TM1Py Stock Optimisation
  7. Getting from zero to writing your first script in TM1py
  8. On ramp to TM1py
  9. Planning Analytics Synchronization via TM1py
  10. TM1py – Power BI Connection
  11. TM1Py – Report Bursting and other applications
  12. TM1py’s role in the TM1 world
  13. Solutions built using TM1
  14. Workforce Planning Reconciliation
Opening and Closing
  1. Welcome – Chasing the TM1 Horizon Starting in Australia
  2. Opening Welcome – Summary of the Cubewise survey – Impact of COVID-19 on FP&A planning
  3. Welcome India
  4. Welcome Americas
  5. The Horizon has been Chased!
Keynote Speaker - Jason Clarke
  1. Make things better
  2. Keep on Turning
  3. Master the Disaster
  4. Freedom and Control
Presentations in Mandarin
  1. 中文分会场 欢迎致辞 及 最新产品动态
  2. 【案例】零售业 – 如何更快速的实现 weeks of cover 计算
  3. 【案例】不动产行业 – 费用预算与管控
  4. 如何提高计划预算,与财务分析类应用的 用户体验 – 实例演示
  5. 【案例】投资可行性分析与项目绩效评估
  6. 【案例】疫情当前,如何加强OPEX管控的力度 – UX Dashboard 的实际应用
  7. 【案例】Acer TM1 Shared Service 应用 – TM1 多应用的最佳实践
  8. UX 深度解读演示 – 可视化 Visualization
  9. UX 深度解读演示 – 应用开发 App Development
  10. Arc for TM1 – 深度解读演示 (Deep Dive)
  11. Arc for TM1 – 深度解讀演示 Deep Dive 
  12. 管理报表的终极挑战 – 组织架构变动
  13. 有问必答 – Asking Anything
  14. 有问必答 – Asking Anything
  15. 财务合并报表 解决方案 – Fin Consolidation
  16. Pulse 6 – 深度解讀演示 Deep Dive
  17. TM1py 演示 – 時間序列預測應用
Presentations in Arabic
  1. بالعربي TM1 Horizon أهلاً بكم في
  2. Apliqo UX مقدمة عن واجهة المستخدم
  3. Ask me anything مناقشة مفتوحة
  4. Development Environment (Arc) بيئة التطوير المتكاملة
  5. How to extend your code to use “Hierarchies” كيف يمكن تعديل نموذجك لاستخدام
  6. What you should know about “Hierarchies” ما يجب معرفته عن
Presentations in Deutsch
  1. Apliqode Framework- Eine neue Art, Ihr TM1-System zu verwalten
  2. Cloud und SaaS Lösungen für TM1- Ein Update
  3. Effizientes Kodieren mit Arc für TM1
  4. Erste Schritte mit TM1py
  5. Finanzkonsolidierung, Reporting & Planung in einer Plattform
  6. Herzlich Willkommen Deutschland, Schweiz und Österreich
  7. Mit TM1py die eintönigen Aufgaben automatisieren
  8. Moderne TM1 Webapplikationen mit Apliqo UX
  9. Optimierung des Speicherbedarfs in TM1
  10. Panel Diskussion zu ausgewählten Themen
  11. PAX und PAW Updates
  12. Projekt-Benchmarking mit Hilfe der Pulse Datenbank
  13. Pulse für TM1- Dokumentation, Fehlerbehebung, Migration und vieles mehr unter einem Dach
  14. Wie Swissbit mit Hilfe von Apliqo FPM und C&C die Finanzplanung und Konsolidierung meisterte und damit den Unternehmensverkaufsprozess unterstützte
Presentations in Spanish
  1. Bienvenida
  2. Arc me convirtió en superhéroe
  3. Destras de las Cámaras – TM1, Historia y Secretos
  4. Mejora Continua de tu Sistema de TM1
  5. Poniendo su CPU a trabajar – Procesos en paralelo con Rush TI
Presentations in Fench
  1. Bienvenue France
  2. Application de budget “stressé” dans le secteur bancaire
  3. Comment améliorer le processus FP&A?
  4. Comment tirer parti de l’expérience utilisateur
  5. Hermès – Cas de valorisation de stocks
  6. Optimisation décisionnelle CPLEX / Planning Analytics – Quand faire plus avec moins devient facile !
  7. Supply Chain – Gagner en rentabilité grâce à des prévisions fiables et une optimisation de la production
  8. Trucs & Astuces – Boostez vos temps de traitement TM1 !
  9. Trucs & Astuces – Customiser Planning Analytics Workspace
  10. Trucs & Astuces – Gérer les subsets grâce au MDX
Presentations in Polish
  1. Alternatywne Hierarchie
  2. Arc for TM1 – zrób więcej w krótszym czasie
  3. Efektywne wykorzystanie alokacji w TM1
  4. Dzień dobry Polsko
  5. Optymalizacja wykorzystania mocy produkcyjnych narzędziem IBM CPLEX w modelu TM1
  6. Obsługa przetargów w ABB – przykład usprawnienia rozbudowanego procesu
  7. Planning Analytics Workspace Tips & Tricks
  8. Pulse for TM1 – Przekonaj się jak łatwe może być monitorowanie I zarządzanie serwerami TM1
  9. Workflow w Planning Analytics
Presentations in Portugues
  1. Bem Vindos a trilha em Português
  2. Abordagens para reconciliação e Alertas no TM1
  3. Apliqo UX- Uma nova opção em interface Web para TM1
  4. Coloque seu CPU para trabalhar – Processos em paralelo com RushTI
  5. Como criar Relatórios customizados e Aplicações com TM1Web
  6. Descubra as facilidades do Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)
  7. Descubra as funcionalidades do Planning Analytics for Excel
  8. Simulação Financeira com TM1
Presentations in Russian
  1.  Добро пожаловать на коференцию TM1 Horizon
  2. Аллокации в TM1. Теория и практика
  3. Arc для TM1
  4. MDX в TM1. Новые возможности
  5. Bedrock для TM1. Ускоряем разработку моделей
  6. Обзор Planning Analytics Workspace. Идеи для вдохновения
  7. Параллельное выполнение TM1 процессов
  8. Planning Analytics for Excel, проверка на прочность
  9. Pulse для TM1
TM1 Hackathon
  1. TM1 Hackathon

Types of Sessions


Main stage

A stage for our special keynote speaker and IBM. Learn the product road map, new features, how to use data science with TM1 and more from IBM!

Presented in English


We have lots of customers who are excited to share what they have built in IBM Planning Analytics. Gain insight on how you can push your TM1 model into new directions.

Presented in English


Lecture / Tutorial / Ask me Anything

Want to learn how to extend your knowledge as an end-user or developer? Attend these sessions to dive deeper into a specific topic.

Presented in English



Gain backstage insights from presenters about their presentation in this 1-on-1 intimate interview.

Presented in English


Product Insight

See how specific products are used with up-close deep dives covering PA for Excel, Planning Analytics Workspace, Arc, Apliqo UX, Bedrock and more.

Presented in English


TM1 Hackathon

The TM1 Hackathon: a test for the TM1 Ages! Watch a model being built from scratch over 24-hours.

Presented in English


One stream in the following languages










Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the All Access Pass?

When you purchase the All Access Pass, you’ll gain access to the Cubewise EDU Community Hub. This will take 1 business day to set up.

How long do I have access to the recordings?

Presentations will be available until 31st March 2021.

What is TM1 Horizon?

For over 10 years now, we have been holding conferences for users of TM1 and Planning Analytics around the world and sharing knowledge of all kinds; nerdy and technical developer stuff, end user tips and tricks, case studies, strategic views of TM1 across the enterprise, product roadmaps, etc.

Due to the current worldwide situation, the conferences we would have run in Sydney and London has been moved online. This special one-off online conference is called TM1 Horizon. A conference that follows the sun for 24 hours.

TM1 Horizon is a user conference that will be accessible to everyone, all around the world.

Who presented?

We will have presentations from TM1 end users, Cubewisers, IBMers (including Hubert Heijkers back by popular demand) and special guests.

Who can purchase the All-Access Pass?

Anyone for whom IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is an important part of their job as an end user customer.

How do I pay for the event?

We accept credit / debit card or bank transfer on this page platform above.

If you wish to be invoiced from your local Cubewise office, please let us know at

Who should I contact for enquiries?

Email us at