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24th Oct 2019

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Bringing TM1 and Planning Analytics enthusiasts together to connect, collaborate and learn

Join our conference to network with peers from businesses of all sizes. Learn where IBM is positioning TM1 and Planning Analytics in the future, be inspired from the best and most recent implementations and gain insight on tools and utilities to improve your day job.

The user conference caters to all types of users, so whether you are just getting started or a proficient user, there will be something for you to learn.

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We have held User Conferences globally in these amazing cities

21 Sep 2019 – Sydney, Australia (Agenda)
20 Sep 2019 – Melbourne, Australia (Agenda)
22 May 2019 – Hong Kong
14 May 2019 – Paris, France
14 Aug 2018 – Sydney, Australia
13 Aug 2018 – Melbourne, Australia
16 Apr 2018 – London, United Kingdom
15 Aug 2017 – Sydney, Australia
21 Mar 2017 – London, United Kingdom

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