• IBM released a number of patches for TM1 Planning Analytics in May. They only contain fixes rather than adding features. Speak to a professional to see if the patches would add value in your environment.
  • Taking user interfaces to the next level for TM1 applications? Apliqo UX 2.5.2 launches with a host of new features including data spread, drilling down on row and columns, cross-drill, new chart and KPIs. Find out more here.
  • RunProcess is a TM1 function that lets you run TI processes in parallel each on its own thread. However, these threads need to be managed for many reasons. Checkout the new post by Nicole Frigo to learn how to use the Synchronize Function with RunProcess to Limit the Number of Threads.
Global Conference 2020 TM1 Horizon

This special one-off online conference is called TM1 Horizon. A conference that follows the sun for 24 hours with content in 12 languages.

TM1 Horizon is a user conference that will be accessible to everyone, all around the world.

The conference will be held on Tuesday 25th August 2020, starting at 8:30am Sydney.

Super early bird price is currently available at 20% off the standard price.

Click here to reserve your seat now.

Cognos Analytics Update for PA
With Nimeesh Kaushal

  • CA v11.1.6 now has an IF to resolve a SSO issue when using CA gateway on IIS and/or Apache HTTP server. More info from IBM here in this technote. This IF can be installed on-top of existing CA 11.1.6. 
  • As briefly eluded to in our previous newsletter, we have taken a look at CA v11.1.6 and the stronger integration points between Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics. One such point is the crosstab viz (see below) in Dashboards enabling expand & collapse across hierarchies.

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Investment Portfolio Optimization

Investment portfolio optimization is a common problem for people and institutions who want to evaluate their assets by investing.

Evaluating how to maximise your return, managing your funds and minimise the risk with a Planning Analytics solution; register to join us on Jun 22 4:00pm AEST.

UX Apliqo New release

To celebrate the launch of Apliqo UX 2.5.2, we’d like to invite you to a short webinar with to showcasing its latest features.

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Chapter 06: Creating Curated Experiences

Getting a curated experience right for your planning and reporting applications is especially important for companies that want their FP&A processes to succeed.

Users are likely to be more engaged in the planning process if the experience itself is transparent, responsive, and collaborative. So, if your planning applications still looks like something from the early 2000’s or if it feels clunky, that first impression isn’t necessarily doing you any favors.

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