TM1 Developer Credential

Showcase your TM1 development skills with the TM1 Developer Credential! This hands-on assessment allows you to build a model from scratch using TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics. Upon successful completion, you’ll earn a digital badge to display on professional networks. Designed to test real-world application rather than theory, this credential highlights your ability to create cubes, write rules, and manage security. Start your journey to becoming a recognised TM1 Developer today!

How is the TM1 Developer Credential structured?

All candidates receive a Windows virtual server with TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics, and a scope of work. Candidates will get 48 hours to develop a model. The credential is open book and can be developed anywhere.

The model developed by the candidate will be marked by a lead assessor verified by Cubewise. An online video interview will follow to complete the assessment.

Successful candidates will be awarded a digital badge that can be added to your professional social network.

      How is the TM1 Developer Credential different to IBM’s certificate?

      Rather than testing knowledge with multiple choice questions, the TM1 Developer Credential tests the TM1 Developer’s ability to apply their knowledge to build a quality TM1 model from scratch based on well-written requirements.

      The candidate will be asked to create cubes and dimensions, write rules, prove their ability to use TurboIntegrator, set Chores, set up security and develop a user interface.

          How can employers verify the TM1 Developer Credential?

          Credentialed TM1 Developers will be issued a Digital Badge that can be shared on LinkedIn or other social networks.

              Is the credential compliant with an educational body?

              The Credential went through a stringent review with an educational body in Australia to ensure the assessment process aligned with the broad requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), Australia’s national regulation framework for Australian education and training.

                  Am I eligible to get credentialed?

                  The credential is open to everyone worldwide.

                  It is recommended that the candidate have experience in developing real-world TM1 models.

                      How do I prepare for the TM1 Developer Credential?

                      The TM1 Developer Credential comes with a Practice Test. This assessment is similar to the TM1 Developer Credential, where you will be asked to build a model from scratch.

                      The practice test comes with a Windows virtual server for 7 consecutive days to develop a specified model.

                      Similar to the TM1 Developer Credential, the Practice Test can be developed within 48 hours (2 consecutive days). After the scope is completed, your model will be assessed and feedback will be provided.

                          What do I need to know for the TM1 Developer Credential?

                          It is recommended that you:

                          • know very basic SQL knowledge
                          • know how to write inter and intra Cube Rules
                          • know how to use TurboIntegrator using advanced tabs
                          • know how to write time-related rules for forecasting
                          • know how to set up TM1 security
                          • know how to set up Chores
                          • know how to use Active Forms and Action Buttons
                          • know how to use the TM1 Applications folder
                          • have developed TM1 models in a real-world environment
                          • know basic MDX

                            What is included with the Credential?

                            Practice Test

                            • Scope of work to build a model from scratch
                            • Access to your own TM1 Server
                            • 7 consecutive days to complete the scope of work
                            • Model assessed and marked
                            • Model feedback from an assessor

                            TM1 Developer Credential

                            • Scope of work to build a model from scratch
                            • Access to your own TM1 Server
                            • 48 hours to complete the scope of work
                            • Model assessed and marked
                            • 1-on-1 video interview to go through the model
                            • Achieve a verifiable digital badge

                            Academic integrity, plagiarism and collusion

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