Tailor made IBM Planning Analytics courses to suit your organisation's needs

Enterprise training, providing relatable content to achieve the best ROI

Custom-built training courses

Build your own professional course for staff to understand your IBM Planning Analytics model, the way it was built.

We will professionally build your course

Our consultants will tailor your training course and set up your own training server that matches your production environment.

An area for employees to learn and discover

A training server, built exclusively for your organisation, allowing your learners to understand how to use your model. Leaving your production and development environment free from accidental changes.

Retain the knowledge

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort developing a budgeting/forecasting/planning model in IBM Planning Analytics. We will ensure you have the right training plan for current and future employees to seamlessly upskill themselves.

Scale to the whole organisation

Our training platform has been used by thousands of learners from all over the globe. Utilise our expertise to set up your training environment.

Lock in regular training sessions throughout the year

A one-off training session at the end of a project is not enough drive a high adoption. We can book in regular training slots for your staff to enrol in. Ensuring the 1st to 100th student obtains the same consistent knowledge on how to use your model.

Comprehensive measures to ensure your data is secure and never compromised

Your content will be stored on our secure training platform, trusted by leading software companies worldwide. You will have full control on who gains access to your training content, with dedicated enterprise administration features.

Set up a training plan for existing and new employees, with an eye to future growth