Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I learn from Cubewise EDU?

Cubewise EDU is the educational arm of Cubewise, a global company that specialises in TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics with hundreds of consultants who also conducts training for customers. We have been training customers for over a decade and have built our own training courses based on how our experts learn.

We strongly believe for students to be endorsed in a training course, students must pass the Skills Acknowledgement, a practical assessment, to obtain a digital badge that can be shared on social media.

Class participation or a multiple choice test is not enough to verify someone’s knowledge.

What is self-paced training?

Learn at your own pace. You’ll have 7 consecutive days to complete a course with 10 hours of training server usage. Included is 1-hour of mentoring with a consultant to go through any questions or cover extra topics.

What is guaranteed online classroom training?

A trainer led online class, guaranteed to run once every month for all End User, Developer and Apliqo UX courses.

Courses are split into two 4-hour sessions, ensuring time for students to absorb and integrate the course with their personal schedule.

Included courses:
– End User (Excel)
– Developer Fundamentals
– Advanced Reporting (Excel)
– Advanced TurboIntegrator
– Advanced Rules
– Advanced MDX
– Apliqo UX Fundamentals
– Apliqo UX Advanced

What is in-person classroom training?

A trainer led class in our training room or at your office. Each session will go for a day, per course.

Scheduled training sessions are organised at our office in North Sydney, every month.

For unscheduled in-person classroom training sessions, we can schedule a date that exclusively suits your schedule at an additional price.

What is TM1 Horizon?

TM1 Horizon is a Global User Conference dedicated to IBM Planning Analytics that was held in Aug 2020. There were over 200 presentations, presented from IBM, customers and consultants. These presentations were recorded and are available to Power User members.

We will be bringing back TM1 Horizon in 2021.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Every course can be completed in 8 hours.

What is the Skills Acknowledgement?

The Skills Acknowledgement is how your knowledge in the course you’ve undertaken can be endorsed by Cubewise EDU. It is a practical assessment, where you need to achieve 100% on each question.

Students who achieve their Skills Acknowledgement will receive a digital badge that can be verified by employers and shared on LinkedIn.

What is the Cubewise EDU Community Hub?

A central location for dedicated IBM Planning Analytics content. Find out what is happening from webinars to the latest news. On this platform, you can also access training courses.

Access the the Cubewise EDU Community Hub on any major web browser or download the iOS or Android app on your mobile device.

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