Administrator training for IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 using Pulse

Ensure you know-how to use Pulse efficiently to complement your role as an Administrator


Learn the functionalities that comes with Pulse such as live monitoring, user analytics, Excel analysis, documentation, migration and proactive alerts.


Developer in IBM Planning Analytics/TM1

What you will learn
  • How to use Pulse’s interface
  • Business cases that you’ll come across as an administrator
  • How to audit TM1 Applications
  • How to manage TM1 Development
  • How to report on the status of the TM1 Server
  • How to documentation the TM1 Server
  • How to administer the TM1 Server
  • How to manage Pulse security



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We offer three methods of training styles to match how you want to learn

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Key features in Pulse for TM1

Improve performance and up-time

  • 24/7 monitoring tool
  • Analyse server and TM1 performance
  • Pro-active alerts
  • Analyse server up-time
  • Keep a full history of what has happened
  • Cancel threads or disconnect users

Make your community more productive

  • TM1 and Planning Analytics user analysis
  • Provide transparency to users
  • Dynamic documentation
  • Identify users who require training
  • Excel and TM1Web tracking
  • Improve user testing practices

Speed-up Development

  • Keep track of all object modifications
  • Full history of all migrations
  • Migrate objects with no downtime
  • Validate rules to guarantee best practices

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