Get your Skills Acknowledged

Complimentary to each end user course, achieve a personalised digital badge that you can proudly share on LinkedIn.

Students who have received a Cubewise EDU skill acknowledgement have proven they have attended class and received 100% on class assessment.

Two styles of training to suit everyone

We offer the flexibility for you to master TM1 and Planning Analytics with two training styles. If you learn best with a tutor mentoring the course, surrounded by peers, classroom style training would be your perfect option.

Self-paced is another style of training we offer for those who want to learn online and in your own environment. Self-paced also includes one hour of 1-on-1 mentoring.

Confidence in using TM1 and Planning Analytics will bring in responsibility and growth to all users

“The (end user) course gave me the confidence to use TM1 more effectively… and allowed me to build analytics capabilities.

Suzie Livrinska
KU Children’s Services

Want to know how your business logic was put together in TM1 and Planning Analytics?

Rules and TurboIntegrator are tools used to write business logic for budgeting and forecasting, so being able to understand these tools will go a long way to boost your confidence.

Developer Courses

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