Horizon, Global User Conference

The most extensive knowledge transfer on IBM Planning Analytics for the user community to learn the latest developments and insights from experts and IBM, which comes around once a year.

About Horizon

Horizon has been a pivotal event empowering the IBM Planning Analytics community for four remarkable years. As we celebrate our journey and look ahead to our fifth year, our mission remains unwavering: to be the catalyst for knowledge transfer, fostering connections, and illuminating the path to success in the world of data-driven decision-making.

Horizon by the Numbers

Over 3000 enthusiastic participants have attended Horizon, contributing to a thriving community of IBM Planning Analytics users.

Horizon has welcomed attendees from more than 60 countries, creating a truly global and diverse knowledge-sharing experience.

An astounding 600+ presentations delivered by IBM, consultants and customers from all corners of the globe, providing valuable insights into IBM Planning Analytics.

Over 350 hours of knowledge sharing, spanning product insights, tips and tricks, customer success stories, keynote presentations and panel discussions.

Experience Horizon

Revisit highlights from previous Horizon conferences, reliving the excitement, knowledge transfer, and groundbreaking moments that define our annual event. Here are the top presentations from Horizon shared on YouTube.

We will be sharing a monthly presentation from Horizon, highlighting new insights relevant to our community. Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel to receive notifications for the latest video.

Empowering Your Journey in IBM Planning Analytics

As we move forward on the journey to the next event for Horizon, our commitment to fostering excellence in IBM Planning Analytics remains steadfast. Join us next year for your TM1 lightbulb moment!