A conference that follows the sun for 24 hours with content in 12 languages over 7 streams specialised on different topics. This means there will be takeaways for everyone, no matter where you are on your TM1 Planning Analytics Journey, and no matter where you are located.

Here are speakers you should look forward to:

The conference will be held on Tuesday 25th August 2020, starting at 8:00am Sydney AEST.

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Cognos Analytics Update for PA
With Nimeesh Kaushal

CA 11.1.7
Cognos Analytics 11.1.6 was released out in April 2020. With the release cadence of Cognos Analytics, next version v11.1.7 shouldn’t be too far from here on. So if you are thinking to upgrade to 11.1.6 today, please do keep in mind that a new v11.1.7 may be out in the next few weeks and therefore you may want to consider holding off to get to the latest release version.

Mobile App
There is another exciting new release coming up soon – a new mobile app for Cognos Analytics v11. Yep, you read that correctly!!!! A dedicated mobile app built for Cognos Analytics v11 is being developed by IBM. See more here: link

Seeing some of the early demos and the planned features so far, I think there is a whole lot of potential where these capabilities can further enhance and enrich the overall mobile experience in Cognos Analytics v11. We can’t wait to try it and share more with you once its released!

We hope you have enjoyed our online breakfast session for the last couple of months.There will be less sessions this month because we want to focus our energy into bringing super valuable content for the TM1 Horizon conference.

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  • How about some ideas, quick tips and tricks on making Month End easier? Join us on Jul 24 Floyd Garnett as we discuss the topic of Month End made easy with TM1

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PA Next – What’s next in TM1 Planning Analytics?

Now that TM1 is REST API ready, cloud ready, and we have excellent tool such as TM1py to simplify the data integration tasks it’s natural to look across the horizon to see what’s next? Join us and our special guest Nic Renotte from IBM on our first discussion on PA Next. Explore how we can all start solving business problems with technology we have available today.

  • 30 Jul 10:30am AEST – join on me and Nic Renotte live on PA Next

Chapter 07: Pushing Your Odyssey’s Boundaries

From app maintenance, branding, to advance UI features and developer tools join us on Jul 30 Pushing Your Odyssey’s Boundaries

Modifying and implementing new strategies is critical in maintaining sustainability across your TM1 applications. Every business needs to constantly enhance and manage their TM1 models that have been developed in order to stay relevant, and meet the wavering needs of end users.

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