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The Power User Membership has many benefits for end-users and developers

Whether you are new to IBM Planning Analytics or want to push your knowledge to the next level, our course library will have you covered

As your curiosity grows, it should be easy to one-up your knowledge without the burden to get managerial approval.

To make it easier for you, the Power User membership comes with access to all courses and can be taken with two training styles. Self-paced, with 1-hour of mentoring with an expert, or enrol into one of our many scheduled online classroom sessions, held in Europe and Australia.

For existing Power User members who are looking at renewing their membership, all courses are available through self-paced training and it comes with 1-hour of mentoring with an expert. For courses you haven’t attended, you will have the option to enrol in scheduled online classroom training too.

The biggest conference dedicated to IBM Planning Analytics/TM1

Horizon, which will return later this year, is a worldwide collective contribution from experts sharing their knowledge on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1.

Knowledge shared from consultants, IBM and organisations, for the community to discover ideas to take IBM Planning Analytics to the next level.

A Power User membership includes an All Online Pass to attend all presentations, and the ability to re-watch recorded presentations on the Video Hub.

Hundreds of expert advice to discover new ideas

Gain access to over 300 videos from consultants, companies and IBM who have shared their knowledge, so you can find new light bulb moments.

More content will be added throughout the year with a steady stream of new webinars and from the biggest IBM Planning Analytics conference, Horizon, that will return later this year.

With the Video Hub, audio has been transcribed, so it is even easier to find the content you after.

As a Power User member, you will have access to hundreds of expert advice, instantly.

A dedicated place to stay up to date on the IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 community

Professional social media platforms are full of noise these days, with news feed algorithms pushing clickbait posts to get your attention.

The Cubewise EDU Community Hub’s activity feed will only contain topics related to IBM Planning Analytics and does not have a complicated algorithm. It’s based on a timeline, which is simple to follow.

On the Community Hub, the platform also houses training courses and a calendar, so you don’t miss out on any up coming key events.

Added to the course library in Feb 2022!

Learn how to use Python to read and write data to TM1, with monthly Ask Me Anything sessions for you to continually engage with a TM1py expert.

The Power User Membership gives you the ability to enrol in one of the most exciting tools that open IBM Planning Analytics to AI and many external platforms.

Scratching your head on a logic? Need advice?

Post what is on your mind in the Power User Community and expert will be there to help guide you in the right direction.

Major software updates are released every year, why shouldn’t your knowledge too?

If you are unaware that IBM has been putting a lot of effort into pushing out new features on Planning Analytics, bookmark this page. Why be left behind?

Our courses also go through many iterations throughout the year to keep up with IBM’s releases, so you can stay updated too.

Once you complete the course, your knowledge of the topic shouldn’t stop there.

At the end of each course, we have added a section called Post Training Insights to share extra tutorials that couldn’t be included within the course framework. A section for you to continue expanding your knowledge.

This repository will continue to grow, since we are also discovering new insights on IBM Planning Analytics/TM1, and want to share them with our members.

Power User members have access to all courses and also all Post Training Insights.