Breakfast Seminar – (TEST)

Connect TM1 with the power of Python through TM1py

Are you a leader in Data Analytics, or manage a team that is looking to increase the value of your data and your FP&A solution?  Are you someone who’s interested to combine the power of predictive analytics, automation and AI to your high value TM1 model? Or are you just excited to see how TM1 and Python can work better together?

On Tuesday 18th of February 2020 from 8:00am to 9:30am, we are inviting you to our free breakfast seminar with Marius, the inventor of TM1Py to discuss the latest developments and the road map of TM1Py. Come and join us to learn why interacting with TM1 via REST API has never been easier with TM1Py. Meet some like-minded experts and share your experiences together as you learn more about TM1Py.


  • Most popular use cases for TM1py so far and new features in TM1py 1.4
    Learn what other companies are using TM1py for and what new features were introduced in the latest release
  • Bridge PowerBI and TM1 with TM1py
    Did you know that you can run python scripts in PowerBI? Learn how to leverage this feature to connect your PowerBI dashboards and reports with your TM1 cubes live.
  • The Optipyzer Project – Optimize the cube dimension order for performance
    See how this open source project helps you to optimize your cubes for performance
  • TM1py road map for 2020
    Things to look forward to in 2020

Venue: 11f / 99 Mount St, North Sydney (Cubewise Board Room)
Date: Tue 18 Feb
Time: 8:00am to 9:30am

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