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Webinar // Cashflow planning

Real-life solutions for Cash forecasting
and Cash Flow modelling

presented by Apliqo and Cubewise

Cubewise and Apliqo AG (a Cubewise company), presented a webinar on the impact of unforeseeable factors such as COVID-19 and how Cash forecasting and Cash Flow modelling methodologies can help to weather the storm. If you want to revisit or missed the webinar click here and please attend it on-demand. One of the most immediate challenges confronting finance organizations is estimating the impact on liquidity and future cash flows under dynamic and uncertain conditions. How will the crisis impact revenues and cash receipts? What are our projected cash outlays? How long will our cash reserve last? What other sources of cash and liquidity are available? What progressive actions should we take if the crisis continues? We want to follow-up on the theory and provide you another Webinar which will show you real-live applications powered by Apliqo solutions using IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 powerful engine, which will show you how to run an efficient, reliable and automated Cash Forecast for short-term funding and as well how to do Cash Flow modelling for mid- to long-term what-if scenarios. Our subject matter experts will be presenting each individual solution in a one hour webinar.

If you’re interested in cashflow planning and scenario modelling, please click here as we compiled a set of resources to further deepen your knowledge on this matter.

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Webinar // Merchandise planning

Merchandise planning
and decision optimisation

presented by Cubewise

The Webinar “Merchandise Planning & Decision Optimization” highlights how to optimize your bottom line by applying decision optimization techniques to your plans.

We will be discussing a typical scenario to apply this in retail, where we will illustrate to you how a Merchandise Planner would review the original plan and how this plan would show that we need to reproduce our products in the middle of the season.

Due to the variety of options it could make the decision-making process difficult, as picking which items to reproduce and in which quantities to reproduce them could be tricky. We therefore use an algorithm to make these decisions with the click of a button, which would ensure the planning process is smooth and optimal in turn ensuring the best business decisions. This will inspire you and make it clear where you would be able to apply this in your own organization.

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Webinar // Workforce planning

Workforce Planning and HR related Reporting

presented and Cubewise

Description of this webinar is coming soon.

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