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TM1 Function – DBRW

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DBRW provides read and write back capability to Excel from a Cube.


DBRW(TM1ServerName:CubeName, Element1, Element2, Element3, …, ElementN);

TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
CubeName = Name of the Cube
Element1 to ElementN = An element in each dimension from the Cube. Each element must be ordered based on the dimension for the Cube.


Retrieve this cell from the Product Scorecard cube using the DBRW formula.


This is how each parameter for the DBRW will be defined.

TM1ServerName = AdventureWorks

CubeName = Product Scorecard

Element in 1st Dimension (Version) = Actual
Element in 2nd Dimension (Year) = 2020
Element in 3rd Dimension (Quarter) = Q1
Element in 4th Dimension (Product Type) = Bike Racks
Element in 5th Dimension (Product Scorecard) = Sales Amount
Element in 6th Dimension (Product Scorecard Measure) = Value

In Excel:

DBRW(“AdventureWorks:Product Scorecard”,” Actual”, “2020”, “Q1”, “Bike Racks”, “Sales Amount”, “Value”)

The same value is appears in IBM Planning Analytics via the Viewer.

Video Demo