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TM1 Function – DBS

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DBS is used to send a value to a cube’s cell. This function cannot send a string to a cube. To send strings, use the DBSS function.

This function would typically be used when the data comes from a person that does not have access to TM1.


DBS(Value, TM1ServerName:CubeName, Element1, Element2, Element3, …, ElementN)

Value = The numeric value to be sent
TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
CubeName = Name of the Cube
Element1 to ElementN = An element in each dimension from the Cube. Each element must be ordered based on the dimension for the Cube.


An adjustment of 8,000,000 will be made to Budget in the period Q2 for the Product Type ‘Bike Racks’.

Set up an Excel worksheet.

This is how each parameter will be defined.

TM1ServerName = AdventureWorks

CubeName = Product Scorecard

Element1 = Actual (Version)
Element2 = 2019 (Year)
Element3 = Q2 (Quarter)
Element4 = Product Type
Element5 = Sales Amount (Product Scorecard)
Element6 = Value (Product Scorecard Measure)

Enter the Product and Adjustment Value

Set up the formula

DBS(8000000,“Adventureworks:Product Scorecard”, “Budget”, “2019”, “Q2”, “Bike Racks”, “Sales Amount”, “Value”)


DBS(8000000 ,“Adventureworks:Product Scorecard”, $C$14, $C$15, $C$16, B23, $C$17, $C$18)

Refresh the page.

The value has been sent to the cube.

Video Demo