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TM1 Function – DBSA

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DBSA is used to send a value to a dimension attribute. The value sent can be either a string or numeric value, based on the attribute type.


DBSA(Value, TM1ServerName:Dimension, Element, Attribute)

Value = The value to be sent – string or numeric
TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
Dimension = Name of the Dimension
Element = An element within the dimension from the Cube.
Attribute = The attribute for which you want to send the value to. This argument must be a valid attribute of the element above.


Populate the attribute, ‘Active Status’, for the Product Type dimension.

Using this Excel spreadsheet, where column B is the value to be loaded to the attribute.

This is how each parameter will be defined.

TM1ServerName = AdventureWorks

Dimension= Product Type

DBSA(B3 ,“AdventureWorks:Product Type”, A3, “Active Status”)

e.g. DBSA(“Inactive”,“AdventureWorks:Product Type”, “Bib-Shorts”, “Active Status”)

Copy the formula into the cells below and refresh to load the data to TM1.

The fields loaded into the attribute.

Video Demo