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TM1 Function – DBSS

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DBSS is used to send text to a cube’s cell.


DBSS(Value, TM1ServerName:CubeName, Element1, Element2, Element3, …, ElementN)

Value = The string value to be sent
TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
CubeName = Name of the Cube
Element1 to ElementN = An element in each dimension from the Cube. Each element must be ordered based on the dimension for the Cube.


Add text to the System Info cube under the Comments measure.

Using this Excel spreadsheet to load the string fields in column B.

This is how each parameter will be defined.

TM1ServerName = AdventureWorks

CubeName = Product Scorecard

Element1 = Current Date (System Info Parameter)
Element2 = Comment (System Info Measures)

DBS(B4, “Adventureworks:System Info”, A4, “Comment”)

e.g. DBSS(“Today’s Date”, “Adventureworks:System Info”, “Current Date”, “Comment”)

Refresh to load the data to TM1

The data loaded into TM1.

Video Demo