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TM1 Function – DIMNM

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DIMNM returns an element’s member ID based on an index in a dimension.


DIMNM (TM1ServerName:Dimension, index, [Alias])

TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
Dimension = Name of the Dimension
Index = Index Number for Element required
Alias = If you want to show the Alias rather than the element


In the Account dimension, return the element that is indexed to 10. Once returned, use the ‘description’ alias to return its alternate name.

In the ‘Account’ dimension, the member ID for the 10th element is ‘1130’.

Through the ‘Description’ alias, the alternate name is ‘Trade Receivables’.

In Excel:

DIMNM(“AdvenutreWorks:Account”, 10) returns 1130.

DIMNM(“AdvenutreWorks:Account”, 10, “Description)

By adding the alias, ‘Description’, after the index number, ‘Trade Receivables’ is returned.

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