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TM1 Function – ELSLEN

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ELSLEN returns the number of characters in the element in a dimension. Member ID and alias can be used.


ELSLEN(TM1ServerName:Dimension, Element)

TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
Dimension = Name of the Dimension
Element = Name of the element or alias


Return the number of characters in elements from the Product Type dimension. Also check the result for an element that does not exist.

Copy the elements from the Set editor and paste into Excel.

In Excel:

ELSLEN(“AdventureWorks:Product Type”, A1)

e.g. ELSLEN(“AdventureWorks:Product Type”, “Bike Racks”)

The formula returns 10.

Copy the formula down to return the result for all elements.

For elements that don’t exist (e.g. asdf), ELSLEN will return 0.

Video Demo