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TM1 Function – ELWEIGHT

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ELWEIGHT returns the element’s weight to a consolidated element in a dimension.


ELWEIGHT(TM1ServerName:Dimension, ParentElement, ChildElement)

TM1ServerName = Name of the TM1 Server
Dimension = Name of the Dimension
ParentElement = Parent element of child element to be queried
ChildElement = Element to be queried of its weighting


In the Account dimension for the Net Income consolidation, return the weight for every child.

Net Income is the consolidation of Operating Profit, Other Income and Expense and Taxes. Taxes has a weighting of -1 whereas the rest are 1.

This means the value in Taxes would be multiplied by -1 at the consolidation. For example, in the screenshot below at the Year column.

Operating Profit (14,695,460)
+ Other Income and Expense (14,865)
Taxes (2,673,068)
= Net Income (12,037,257)

Copy the element names from the Set editor.

Paste into Excel

In Excel:

ELWEIGHT(“AdventureWorks:Account”, $A$1, A2)

e.g. ELWEIGHT(AdventureWorks:Account”, “Net Income”, “Operating Profit”)

Returns a weight of 1 for Operating Profit.

Copying the formula down, here is the weighting for other elements under Net Income.

Video Demo