TM1 Function for Rules, CONSOLIDATEDMIN

CONSOLIDATEDMIN returns the minimum value in a consolidation.

Where can the CONSOLIDATEDMIN function be used?

Rules and TurboIntegrator

Which TM1 Server version is this function available for?

Version 11 and 12

What is the CONSOLIDATEDMIN function?

CONSOLIDATEDMIN returns the minimum value in a consolidation.  

What is the syntax for CONSOLIDATEDMIN?

ConsolidatedMin(flag-value, cube-name, element_1, element_2,… );​​
Flag-value  1 – Use consolidation weighting. ​
Flag-value  2 – Ignore zero values when computing the minimum value. ​
Flag-value  3 – Use consolidation weighting and ignore zero values. ​
cube-name = Cube name. ​
element_1 = Dimension element name. ​
element_2 = Dimension element name.

A demonstration on how to use CONSOLIDATEDMIN

Use ConsolidatedMin function to calculate minimum value in a consolidation and apply it in the rule to populate the Min_Value measure in the Product Scorecard cube.