TM1 Function for Rules,​ ELEMENTCOMPONENT

​ELEMENTCOMPONENT returns the name of child of a consolidated element.

Where can the ELEMENTCOMPONENT function be used?

Rules and TurboIntegrator

Which TM1 Server version is this function available for?

Version 11 and 12

What is the ELEMENTCOMPONENT function?

​ELEMENTCOMPONENT returns the name of child of a consolidated element. 

What is the syntax for ELEMENTCOMPONENT?

ElementComponent(dimension, hierarchy, element, position)​
Dimension = A dimension name.​
Hierarchy = The name of the hierarchy.​
Element = The name of a consolidated element within dimension.​
Position = A positive value.

A demonstration on how to use ELEMENTCOMPONENT

Use ElementComponent function to retrieve the name of a child from a consolidated element of the Employee Hierarchies dimension and apply it in the rule to populate the TestS measure in the Employee Salaries cube.