TM1 Function for TI, ChoreAttrInsert

Creates an attribute for Chores.

What is the ChoreAttrInsert function?

ChoreAttrInsert creates an attribute for Chores. 

Where can the ChoreAttrInsert function be used?


Which TM1 Server version is this function available for?

Version 11 and 12

What is the syntax for ChoreAttrInsert?

ChoreAttrInsert( PrevAttrName, NewAttrName, AttrType);​

PrevAttrName = The attribute that precedes the new attribute that will be created. This can be left blank if there is no previous attribute or if the new attribute should be the first attribute.​
NewAttrName = The name of the attribute to be created​
AttrType = Enter one of 3 letters to designated the attribute type:​
‘S’ = String type;
‘N’ = Numeric type;
‘A’ = Alias type​
**Note: An alias attribute can only hold a unique string value for each chore

A demonstration on how to use ChoreAttrInsert

Use ChoreAttrInsert to create a numeric attribute, Numeric Chore Attribute, for Chores.