TM1 Function for TI, ChoreAttrPutN

Uploads data to a numeric attribute for a Chore.

What is the ChoreAttrPutN function?

Ā ChoreAttrPutNĀ uploads data to a numeric attribute for a Chore.Ā 

Where can the ChoreAttrPutN function be used?


What is the syntax for ChoreAttrPutN?

ChoreAttrPutN(NumericValue,Ā ChoreName,Ā AttrName, [LangLocaleCode] );Ā ā€‹

NumericValueĀ = The numeric value to be assigned to the attributeā€‹
ChoreNameĀ = The chore that should have a value assignedā€‹
AttrNameĀ = The numeric chore attribute where the value should be assignedā€‹
LangLocaleCodeĀ = This is an optional parameter which allows you to specify the language locale code. If this is not provided, then the baseĀ attribute value is used

A demonstration on how to use ChoreAttrPutN

UseĀ ChoreAttrPutNĀ to upload data to the attribute,Ā Numeric Chore Attribute, for theĀ Cub.GeneralLedger.DemoĀ chore.