TM1 Function for TI, CubeClearData

CubeClearData clears the entire data for a Cube.

What is the CubeClearData function?

CubeClearData clears the entire data for a Cube.

Where can the CubeClearData function be used?


Which TM1 Server version is this function available for?

Version 11 and 12

What is the syntax for CubeClearData?


Cube = Cube Name to clear the data​

Any cells that are fed by the rules are also cleared, either re save the rule or re process the feeders to get the data back in the cube. This function does not delete the cube.​
This function is faster than creating a view of the entire cube and then using the ViewZeroOut function. 

A demonstration on how to use CubeClearData

Clear all the data in the Product Scorecard_Copy cube.