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TM1 Function for TI – ​​​CubeDataReservationGetConflicts

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CubeDataReservationGetConflicts gets data reservation set for a cube that conflicts with a user, address and tuple.


CubeDataReservationGetConflicts(Index, CubeName, User, Address, AddressDelimiter)

Index = This starts at one if there is a reservation. A while loop can be used to loop through the indexes by increasing the index.

CubeName = The cube where the data reservation will be acquired.

User = client on the TM1 Server

Address = This needs the elements of each dimension in the cube. It also needs to be in the order that the dimensions are ordered in the cube.

AddressDelimiter = This can be any character that will split the elements if the character is not in the element name. “|” is the default.

Video Demo

Use CubeDataReservationGetConflicts to check any data reservation conflicts for the user, TEST, in the General Ledger cube.