TM1 Function for TI, CubeDRRelease

Releases the data reservation specified in the element list.

What is the CubeDRRelease function?

CubeDRRelease releases the data reservation specified in the element list. This function applies to dimensions with one or more hierarchies, while CubeDataReservationRelease is used for dimensions with a single hierarchy.

Where can the CubeDRRelease function be used?


Which TM1 Server version is this function available for?

Version 11

What is the syntax for CubeDRRelease?

CubeDRRelease(CubeName, User, ElementList)​;

​CubeName = The cube where the data reservation will be acquired.​
User = The user for which the data will be release.​
ElementList = This needs the hierarchy and then element of each dimension in the cube. It also needs to be in the order that the dimensions are ordered in the cube.

A demonstration on how to use CubeDRRelease

Use CubeDRRelease to release data reserved by user TEST2, so that user TEST can update the data in the Product Type by Region cube.