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TM1 Function for TI – ​​​​​CubeSetConnParams

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CubeSetConnParams sets the connection parameters and encrypt the password for a virtual cube stored in }CubeProperties control cube. 


CubeSetConnParams(CubeNameProviderNameDataSourceLocationDataSourceNameDataSourceCatalogUserID, Password, SAPClientIDSAPClientLangProviderString); 

CubeName = cube name

ProviderName = provider Name

DataSourceLocation = data source location

DataSourceName = data source name

DataSourceCatalog = data source catalog

UserID = user name for the database

Password = Password to be encrypted

SAPClientID = SAP client ID

SAPClientLang = SAP language setting

ProviderString = provider string

Video Demo

Use CubeSetConnParams to set up a connection to the Employee cube.