TM1 Function for TI, HierarchyTopElementInsert

Adds a root element to a hierarchy, if there isn't any root element in it.

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HierarchyTopElementInsert adds a root element to a hierarchy, if there isn’t any root element in it. This action occurs after a commitment in the process (e.g. at the end of executing the metadata tab). To action this function immediately, use HierarchyTopElementInsertDirect.



DimensionName = Name of the dimension to insert a top element.

HierarchyName = Name of the Hierarchy to insert a top element.

InsertionPoint = Position to add top element inside the hierarchy.

ElementName = Name of the element to insert as root element on the dimension.

Video Demo

Use HierarchyTopElementInsert to insert the element, Total Customer, to position 1 in the Customer dimension.