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TM1 Function for TI – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​ProcessAttrNL

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ProcessAttrNL retrieves data from a numeric attribute for a process, given a language locale. 


ProcessAttrNL(ProcessNameAttributeName, [LangLocaleCode]);

ProcessName = Process to have the numeric attribute retrieved.

AttributeName = Name of the attribute to pull the information from.

LangLocaleCode = Specifies the language code the attribute will be retrieved from (ISO 639-1).

  • If blank or ignored, TM1 will pull the user’s current locale.
  • If attribute value does not exist for the given locale, TM1 will pull the value from its parent. If attribute value for the parent does notexist, TM1 will pull the base value.

Note:  The list of valid LangLocaleCode values can be found on the dimension ‘}Cultures’

Video Demo

Use ProcessAttrNL to retrieve the Reference Number from the TrainingProcess process.