TM1 Function for TI, ProcessAttrPutS

Upload to a string attribute for a process.

What is the ProcessAttrPutS function?

ā€‹ProcessAttrPutSĀ upload to a string attribute for a process.

Where can the ProcessAttrPutS function be used?


What is the syntax for ProcessAttrPutS?

ProcessAttrPutS(string,Ā ProcessName,Ā AttributeName, [LangLocaleCode] );ā€‹

ā€‹String = String to be set as string attribute.ā€‹

ProcessNameĀ = Process to have the string attribute set.ā€‹

AttributeNameĀ = Name of the attribute to receive the value.ā€‹

LangLocaleCodeĀ = Specifies the language code the attribute will be loaded (ISO 639-1). If blank or ignored, TM1 will update the base attributeĀ value. Note:Ā  The list of validĀ LangLocaleCodeĀ values can be found on the dimension ā€˜}Culturesā€™

A demonstration on how to use ProcessAttrPutS

UseĀ ProcessAttrPutSĀ to upload data to theĀ DescriptionĀ attribute, against theĀ TrainingProcessĀ process.